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First Leg of the Tour Complete

blog-Jan-26-2015-1-blizzard-of-2015I’m not a big winter guy so it’s a delight to look at the calendar and see January almost gone.  When I get home this week I’ll actually notice it getting lighter earlier in the mornings.  I just hope it doesn’t give me spring fever because its way too early.


blog-Jan-26-2015-2-simms-fly-fishing-partyIn addition to January almost gone, I have my three biggest Fly Fishing Shows behind me and all were a great success.  This past weekend was the Somerset New Jersey Fly Fishing Show and it was excellent.  In fact, all three shows, Denver, Marlborough and Somerset will go down in the history books as the best.  The highlight of the weekend has to be however Simms night where me and many other Simms Ambassadors were treated to dinner at a top Cuban restaurant.


blog-Jan-26-2015-3-a-blizzard-in-wolfeboro-nhGranny and I drove the six hours from NJ all the way back up to Wolfeboro, NH on Sunday night.  It’s a good thing we busted out the miles because Monday was the arrival of a classic Nor’easter.  All roads from NJ to Maine were closed by noon on Monday.  Although down south they didn’t get hit nearly as bad as expected, up here in NH we got buried.  My brother lives in Amesbury, MA and he measured 28”!  Every business was closed except Garwood’s.  How convenient that was.  We sipped brews and watched the blizzard from comfy warm seats over a blustering Lake Winnipesaukee.


Baring no flight issues, tomorrow its back to home sweet Victor.  It’ll be nice to relax for a weekend and enjoy the Super Bowl.  Then Wednesday it’s off to Manitowish, WI for my annual ice fishing trip before on the Fly Fishing Show circuit begins again later in February.


Never stop moving!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

The Somerset Fly Fishing Show 2015

blog-Jan-22-2015-1-hiking-in-new-hampshireIt was and enjoyable week up in New Hampshire with family the last three days.  But today it’s back to work starting with a long drive down to the Somerset, New Jersey Fly Fishing Show.  Somerset is the largest of all the Fly Fishing Shows and I’ll be there showing off the art and entertaining with a couple seminars.  The line up of speakers here is the best of all shows so I have only two talks.  Here’s my schedule:




11:00 – Release Room – “Trout Bumming the World”




3:00 – Strike Room – “Trout Bumming the World”


See you there!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

January Fly Fishing Shows Whizzing By

blog-Jan-21-2015-jeff-currier-marlboro-flyfishing-showFor the first time in years we had near perfect weather for the Marlboro Fly Fishing Show.  Indeed it was cold but no snow and therefore no reason for New England fly fishers to stay off the roads.  And yes, the show was excellent.


I had a blast catching up with old friends.  Many were industry folks but I saw a lot of friends from Boston Fly Casters (A top club where I’ve spoken many times) and even some high school pals.  One was one of my best friends from high school, Carl Close, whom I had not seen in 29 years!


All my seminars went well and I’m presently relaxing up in Wolfeboro, NH at my folk’s house hanging with family.  Thursday it’s to the biggest show of the year, the Somerset Fly Fishing Show that takes place Friday – Sunday.  I hope to see many of you there!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Marlborough Fly Fishing Show 2015

Here we go again.  It’s the heat of the show season and I’m about to drive south for the Marlborough, MA Fly Fishing Show.  Despite being a smaller less busy show than the rest of the Fly Fishing Shows, Marlborough is my favorite.  New England is where I was born and I learned to fly fish here nearly fifty years ago.  Let’s just say this area provides many fond memories.


Best of all I enjoy talking to the New Englanders.  I’ve been doing this show for many years and I know many of the faces.  And now with my website, blog and especially Face Book, many friends I went to school with as a kid track me down to say hi.  The Marlborough Fly Fishing Show is great fun.


I’ll have a booth displaying my fish art on coffee mugs, steins and Cliff Fly Boxes.  I’m happy to say I have a hefty speaking schedule as well.  In past years I’ve been assigned two PowerPoint Seminars.  This year I’m entertaining with a PowerPoint presentation each day and I’ll be doing casting demos on Friday and Saturday.


Below is my schedule.  Be sure and click on the highlighted shows for details.  “Trout Bumming the World” isn’t detailed on my website yet but I promise you it’s a good one with photos and stories from New Zealand, Australia, Mongolia, Slovenia, Croatia, Wyoming, Bhutan and my incredible trip to Iceland back in August.


I hope to see you there!




11:30 – “Trout Bumming the World”


3:00 – “Tricks for Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”




11:30 – “Fly Fishing Saltwater- Bonefish to Billfish”


3:15 – “Fly Casting 101”




11:30 – “Fly Fishing Warmwater – Bass, Pike, Carp and More”


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Denver Fly Fishing Show Done

blog-Jan-14-2015In a blink of an eye the Denver Fly Fishing Show is in the rearview mirror.  And what a show it was.  At a quick glance the show looked about the same as last year.  But as you meandered in deep you noticed major expansion.  This year there were numerous more exhibitors.


There were some excellent speakers this year including Gary Borger, A.K. Best, Ed Engle, Landon Mayer and Bob Jacklin to name a few.  And yes, my December preparation of updating all my PowerPoint Presentations and enhancements in my Casting Demos paid off.  On Saturday I had my largest crowd ever at “Fly Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul” which got me really fired up!


The new fish mugs were a hit.  I drew fish on ten Cliff Fly Boxes (not my record) and signed a bunch of books.  Needles to say I was physically and mentally exhausted by show close on Sunday night.


Exhausted or not, I still needed a full day at home Monday before leaving East on Tuesday.  After the show friend Harvey ( and I drove ten hours back to Idaho.  The roads weren’t friendly slowing me to a crawl due to packed snow and ice.  Even worse, at 3 AM the roads of Wyoming and Idaho are nothing more than avenues for elk, deer and moose.  I got in my own bed at 4 AM and was too tired to sleep.


I managed my way through the rest of Monday and ended the day packed and ready for the East Coast where I’ll do the Marlborough, MA Fly Fishing Show this weekend and the Somerset, NJ Fly Fishing Show next weekend.


Yesterday I flew to Manchester, NH and I’m presently sorting things out at my folk’s house in Wolfeboro, NH.  Man it’s cold!  I think its time to wander to Garwoods for a couple Pales and day dream about all the big smallies I’m going to exercise next June in the lake.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

The Denver Fly Fishing Show 2015

blog-Jan-7-2015-1-flicker2014 will go down as my fishiest ever but my constant traveling forced many art, writing and other projects to the back burner.  Since I returned from the Seychelles on December 11th it’s been hours upon hours of painting, writing and updating seminars for the 2015 Show season.  I have no complaints.  Being home has been relaxing and despite the long work days, very restful.


blog-Jan-7-2015-2-jeff-currier-show-circuitTomorrow my near month at home comes to an end.  My winter schedule starts and I’ll be traveling constantly.  For the next three weekends I’ll be speaking for the famous Fly Fishing Show in Denver CO, Marlboro MA and Somerset NJ.  Starting Friday it’s the Denver Fly Fishing Show.  If you live near enough please come by and visit.


blog-Jan-7-2015-3-fish-art-coffee-mugsI’ll be doing my usual of coloring up Cliff Fly Boxes with sharpies as well as anything else folks bring me.  I’ll have a table somewhere among the fly tiers only my table will be covered in my well-known coffee mugs, beer steins and more.  If you’re familiar with these be prepared to check out some of the new fish available such as arctic char, yellowfin tuna, payara, channel catfish and walleye to name a few.


blog-Jan-7-2015-4-jeff-currier-casting-demonstrationsBetween the artwork I’ll be busy entertaining in the seminar rooms and demonstrating on the fly casting ponds.  Here are my seminar and demonstration times.  Click on any of the presentation titles for full details:




1:30 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing Warmwater – Bass, Pike, Carp and More”

3:15 – Pond 1 – “Fly Casting 101”




10:30 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp”

12:15 – Pond 2 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”



10:30 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing Saltwater – Bonefish to Billfish”

2:15 – Pond 2 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing