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January Fly Fishing Shows in the Rearview

The shows come and go so fast it’s unreal.  The Somerset Fly Fishing Show is in the books and in fact, the entire work month of January.  For me it was four shows (Denver, Boise, Boston and New Jersey) and 22 seminars mixed on casting ponds and PowerPoint rooms.  As crazy as it sounds to some, I loved every minute of it.  I love my job and really enjoy teaching fly fishing and entertaining with my photos and stories.  Keep me in mind when your club or show needs a fly fishing speaker.


In addition to my teaching and entertaining I wore out a heap of Sharpies this month.  I drew on at least 30 fly boxes, computers and now a new thing, baseball caps.  Bring em on, I love to draw as much as I love to entertain.


Next on my agenda is a few more days in NH with the family then home for a week.  I’m especially looking forward to putting on my back-county skis and evenings at the Victor pubs.  Then it’s off to Manitowish Waters in Wisconsin for a few days of ice fishing before show-time again.


Keep the body moving. . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

The Somerset NJ Fly Fishing Show

We had a restful three days up in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire at my folks place eating, hiking and feeding my mom’s pet turkeys.  Tomorrow it’s the long drive down to Somerset, New Jersey for the Somerset Fly Fishing Show January 27, 28 & 29th.


At the 2016 Somerset Fly Fishing Show I wore down my Sharpies doing art on Cliff Fly Boxes, backpacks and computer tops.  Seriously, I did 17 pieces of Sharpie art!  Good news, I’m ready to rock it again.  I have a few blank boxes with me but never enough.  If you really have your heart set on an original piece of my Sharpie art, consider bringing the box, computer or whatever with you to the show.  I’ll do my best to get it done between my many presentations.


Here’s my presentation schedule for the Somerset Fly Fishing Show:


11:00 – Release Room – “Streamer Tactics for More and Larger Trout”

12:30 – Autograph Booth


2:45 – Strike Room – “Warmwater Fly Fishing – Bass, Pike and More”

4:30 – Autograph Booth


11:45 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish near Home”

1:15 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

3:00 – Autograph Booth


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Snowless Weekend Draws Big Crowd to MA Fly Fishing Show

Each of the last five years at the Marlboro Fly Fishing Show we dealt with a Saturday snowstorm which thinned crowds.  Who wants to drive on snowy roads in Massachusetts?  This year however, mother nature provided perfect weather – dry roads.  The fun event was packed with regular visitors and new.


Between my presentations, I took requests to draw on fly boxes and computers and enjoyed chatting with hundreds of folks.  Thank you to everyone who made a point to swing by and say hi.





Even more fun, I was surprised by the folks in the booth next to me.  Most years I donate a day to teach wounded war veterans for Jackson Hole Honoring our Veterans.  It’s just so happened that several of the guys I’ve worked with were there.


The show season is flying by.  Before I know it I’ll be in northern Wisconsin drilling ice holes.  This week however, I’m presently chilling in Wolfeboro before heading to the big one – the Somerset New Jersey Fly Fishing Show.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

The Marlborough Fly Fishing Show 2017

It’s always good to be back in New England for the Marlboro Fly Fishing Show.  Despite the cold January weather, this is where I grew up and learned to fly fish.  Right here in Massachusetts on the bass ponds and brooks.


My childhood waters are frozen now otherwise it would be tough to work.  Never know, I just might make it back this summer, but till then, here’s my presentation schedule for the weekend.  I EXPECT to see many of my old friends and family!



11:00 – “Fly Casting 101”

1:30 – Autograph Booth

3:00 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish near Home”


11:30 – Release Room – “Trout Bumming the World – The Latest Adventures”

1:30 – Autograph Booth

3:15 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”


10:15 – Release Room – “Streamer Tactics for More and Larger Trout”

12:30 – Autograph Booth

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Good Times at the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

Thanks to everyone that came to Boise’s Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo and made a point to swing by my table and say hi.  I was thrilled with the attendances at my presentations both at the Casting Demos and at my PowerPoint seminars.  I hope you all learned a few things and remember, if any questions come to mind, feel free to shoot me a note from my Contact Jeff button on the website.


After 2000 miles driving snowy roads to Denver and Boise this month flying tomorrow is a welcome trip.  It’s off to New England in the morning for a few days of R & R with my brother and his family in Massachusetts then up to my parents’ house in New Hampshire.  Then I expect to see many of you at the Marlborough Fly Fishing Show this weekend where I’ll be giving many more talks.  I’ll post my schedule later this week!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Back to the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo

Been awhile since I spoke at Boise’s Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo but this year I’m back and I’m pumped!  In fact I’m out the door right now and on my way.  The drive will start tough due to the massive storm over the last few days but I believe once I get past Pocatello the drive should be smooth sailing.  Anything to get me away from shoveling!


This fantastic show is Friday and Saturday and I’ll be giving eight presentations.  Here’s my schedule.  I hope to see many of you there!


12:30 – “Fly Fishing in and around Jackson Hole”

2:30 – “Fly Casting 101”

4:30 – Tricks and Tactics for Fly Fishing the World’s Best Flats

6:30 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”


10:30 – “Trout Bumming the World”

12:30 – “Fly Casting 101”

2:30 – “Streamer Tricks for More and Larger Trout”

4:30 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Show Season Travel Hazards Begin Already

2017 is flying by already.  The Denver Fly Fishing Show is in the books and tonight I’m looking over my presentations for my trip to Boise for the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo this weekend.  The first show was excellent and I thank all those that swung by to say hello and took in my talks.  Here’s Joe Humphreys and I having a good time at the autograph booth late Sunday.


The real story of the weekend was my drive to and from Denver.  It’s a 7 hour drive to Denver from home on dry roads.  Going down Thursday I took the northerly route through the Tetons and over Togwotee Pass on to Casper, WY because we had a big snowstorm the day before that made I-80 a mess.  The trip took 10 hours but it was a stunning bluebird day to enjoy.


Naturally, another storm moved into the Rockies over the weekend.  I always leave right after the show and drive till the wee hours of the morning to get home by 2 AM.  Driving through a snowstorm in Wyoming at night in January isn’t fun and isn’t safe but as you know I am a thrill seeker and was going for it nonetheless.


The show ended at 4:30 on Sunday and I was on my way before 5 PM.  Despite some icy spots on the highway and 50 MPH plus winds on I-80, I rolled into Rock Springs, WY at 10:30 PM relatively unshaken.


Things changed drastically from there to Pinedale, WY.  After filling my Yeti Tumbler with coffee and shooting a 5-Hour Energy I was headed north.  It was inky dark and I drove no more than 45 MPH due to animals.  There was an unreal jackrabbit hatch but I saw hardly any big game.  But the snow had been falling all day and roads and visibility got hectic.


Despite feeling like I shouldn’t, I continued past Pinedale for home.  It was 1 AM.  Ten miles out of Pinedale the roads hadn’t been plowed in hours and soon I was four-wheeling through a foot of snow.


When I entered Hoback Canyon I gave myself a 50% chance of making it through.  Granny’s Jeep was struggling and my body ached from clenching the steering wheel so tight for hours.  I didn’t turn back for Pinedale because I feared that if I stopped I’d be stuck.  I comforted myself knowing I keep a killer emergency kit with me for these exact horrors.


Sure enough, only a mile from making it through the canyon, I ran into a snow slide covering the road.  Bad luck even for a guy nicknamed “Monsoon”.  Thank god I was driving slowly because by the time I saw the white mass I was close.  I hit the brakes and slid.  When I stopped my bumper barely touched it.  Lucky guy.


This was a fresh avalanche that happened minutes before my arrival.  If only I took a photo.  But it was a terrifying place to be knowing another avalanche was lurking.  In a panic I threw the jeep in reverse and spun around.  It was a miracle I didn’t get stuck.  Even Jimmy Johnson would have been impressed.  At 3:45 AM I returned to Pinedale and got a hotel room.  I was miserably exhausted and damn lucky.


Even while working I manage to find adventure.  I awoke at 10 AM this morning and the Hoback Canyon avalanche was cleaned up and the road was open this afternoon.  I took this photo of another car driving past the very avalanche that could’ve taken me out last night.  Whoa!  It was a big one.


I’m home and it’s presently dumping snow again. Hoback Canyon slid again and the road is closed.  This is a good snow year for our trout.  I can deal with travel hazards knowing our speckled babies will be healthy next summer.  I leave Thursday for Boise.  Stay tuned. . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Denver Fly Fishing Show 2017

2017 will be another great year!

There’s a reason I go on a month long fishing trip in November and December.  It’s because starting the day after Christmas I work almost every day until the end of March.  It’s go time show time folks and for the next three months I’ll be on the road entertaining, teaching fly fishing seminars, giving casting demonstrations and doing my artwork.


Here’s my growing 2017 schedule.  Catch up with me along the way!


This week it’s the Denver Fly Fishing Show starting Friday January 6-8.   You can see my presentation times below.  Between my talks you’ll find me at my booth.  Just look for the table full of fish coffee mugs and beer steins along with Cliff and Scientific Angler fly boxes decorated with my fish art.


You can watch me do my artwork.  In fact, you can buy a fly box at the show and I’ll draw up any fish you want.  Or bring your own fly box, computer, backpack or you name it from home and I’ll do that.  My show time is limited so it never hurts to let me know in advance your requests or needs – Contact Jeff.


Here are my seminar and demonstration times for this weekend at the Denver Fly Fishing Show.  Click on the presentation titles for full details:


1:30 – Release Room – “Fly Fishing for Carp”

3:00 – Authors Booth


10:30 – Release Room – “Warmwater Fly Fishing – Bass, Pike and More”

1:00 – Authors Booth

3:15 – Pond 2 – “Fly Casting 101”


10:30 – Release Room – “Streamer Tactics for More and Larger Trout”

1:30 – Authors Booth

3:15 – Pond 1 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

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