Brand Ambassador

Who’s Representing Your Brand?

jeff-currier-dorado-brand-ambasador-pageJeff spends an unbelievable amount of time fly fishing. Not only that, but with the places he goes ranging from freshwater to saltwater and the tremendous variety of species he targets, he’s always pushing fly fishing tackle to the brink. Because of his reputation, fly fishing companies often ask him to try and test their products. When they fall short of his high expectations, he lets them know the how and why. Equipment failure for Jeff can mean losing one of the rarest fish on earth 8,000 miles from home! When the equipment passes his high standards he endorses the product. Jeff Currier is the consummate brand ambassador in promoting great products, whether for the novice or world-traveled fly angler. When your marketing strategy requires a credible, trustworthy representative, Jeff can help. He will help you connect with active consumers and take the time to know your product and has the motivation to help other people discover your brand. Jeff is very proud to be on the Professional Advisory Staff of R.L. Winston Rod Co, YetiSimms Fishing Products >Scientific AnglersFly Fishers International, Bauer ReelsCosta Sunglasses, Kate's Real Food and Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.