Knot Demonstration

fly-fishing-knotsKnot tying is the most over looked skill in fly fishing.  It doesn’t do a great caster much good if a knot in the system comes undone.  Not only could it mean the loss of a big fish but even worse – an entire leader or even a fly line.

All Jeff’s “Full Day Seminars” should dedicate a session of knot tying.  Jeff’s knot tying class can be customized as preferred, but being that no one likes to admit the knots they don’t know, most let Jeff start with his simple format then customize the demo towards the end based on requests.

Jeff starts by demonstrating the Clinch Knot and tells you why he doesn’t use the Improved Clinch Knot.  Then he shows how to attach tippet to leader with the Blood Knot and the Surgeons Knot and explains the benefits of each. He’ll show you his favorite loop knot for tying on a big fly, and top these off by demonstrating a Bimini Twist.


Lessons on these knots lead into requests for other knots as well as discussions of leader selection and tippet types.  Also, you probably don’t know it, but Jeff was the first American to ever win a medal in the World Championships of Fly Fishing and has since won two more.  Ask him to show you a few of the tricks he learned around the world, or how he rigs a European nymph leader.  This class is always a favorite!