Central America

Jeff-Currier-Fly-fishing-Costa-Rica-for-GuapoteCentral America is where mixing travel with fishing began for Jeff.  He spent years saltwater fly fishing in Belize. Often the tarpon would be well up the Belize River entirely in freshwater.  Action for these river dwelling tarpon wasn’t always fast and furious and Jeff brought along a 5-weight rod for some of the smaller freshwater species. He caught numerous fun to catch cichlids and opened a whole new chapter in his life.

Jeff has freshwater fished throughout Central America in Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.


  • Bay Snook
  • Redhead
  • Yellowjacket
  • Guapote, (Parachromis dovii)
  • Guapote, Jaguar (Parachromis managuensis)
  • Mojarra


For Snook and Tarpon see Saltwater