Fly Rod Species

Jeff-Currier-Species-PageFor most of us, keeping track of the kinds of fish we’ve caught on fly rod is easy.  For Jeff Currier it isn’t.  Jeff has caught so many different species in freshwater and saltwater in more than 60 countries that compiling his list took years.  Luckily he’s organized it and it’s presently over 450.

This list will never be complete.  Jeff intends to keep catching new species.  He still has fish he’s caught that need to be identified.  He’s even going through a lifetime of photos and notes to remind him of some of the odd fish he’s caught accidentally.

Enjoy this recent magazine article about Jeff’s species quest.

To keep the list organized, Jeff has made several lists.  All the fish are split between freshwater and saltwater.  The freshwater fish are broken down by the continents he caught them on and the saltwater fish by oceans he caught them in.

Eventually you’ll be able to click on each fish species for photos and information on how to catch them (see smallmouth bass).  Many will include a personal story about Jeff’s experiences with them.  Jeff plans to paint them all too so you can get the fish on one of his famous coffee mugs, sun shirts, hoodies or a frosted beer stein on Jeff’s Shop.