Fly Casting Demonstrations

Jeff-currier-fly-casting-demonstratorHand Jeff a fly rod and put him before a crowd and folks are going to learn. Jeff is fast becoming one of the top fly casting demonstrators in the industry. That’s because he learned from some of the best casting demo performers of all time like Mel Krieger, Lefty Kreh, Joan Wulff and Jack Dennis.

Jeff offers two standard demonstrations, “Fly Casting 101” and “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”. Both demos last about 30 minutes but can be altered to fit the time frame. He can also customize casting instruction to fit your needs. Jeff’s fly casting demonstrations are entertaining, well-ordered and you will have a tough time finding a more enjoyable cast to watch.

Fly Casting 101 and Fly Casting in the Wind & the Double Haul