Casting in the Wind & the Double Haul

jeff-currier-double-haul-egyptJeff has been teaching fly casting for more than 30 years.  He’s also won several “Best of the West” casting competitions including one with a winning distance cast of 114 feet with a 9 foot 5-weight rod!  What this means is Jeff can certainly double haul and wind is never a hindrance.

In “Casting in the Wind & the Double Haul” Jeff emphasizes that the wind should be your friend.  Jeff begins by demonstrating some of the simple tricks for dealing with wind such as over the shoulder casts, the Belgian cast, aggressive sidearm pick ups and even casting with your opposite hand.  Then he teaches the essential double haul.

Whether those who don’t double haul want to admit it or not, the double haul is the most important casting tool next to casting itself.  If you haven’t learned it, Jeff will prove that you can.  The show is entertaining, involves the crowd, and can be designed to fit your needed time frame.