Sharing Fly Fishing Expertise


For years Jeff has been touring and lecturing throughout the United States and Canada on nearly every aspect of fly fishing.  He has spoken at over 100 fishing clubs, retail events and is a frequent presenter at many of the fly fishing shows.  On average he delivers more than 40 presentations a year!

You can Contact Jeff to book him for your event.  Jeff loves traveling to teach no matter where he needs to go.  He delivers his PowerPoint presentations ranging from his home waters in the Rockies to the most remote corners of the globe.  Jeff demonstrates fly casting and knots and teaches seminars on the basics to the advanced skills of fly fishing.  Jeff brings a sense of humor, enthusiasm, approachability and nearly 50 years of fly fishing experience.  Anyone who has caught one of his many shows considers them the best they have seen.

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Additional Seminars

Fly Casting 101
Casting in the Wind & the Double Haul
Knot Demonstration