“Improve Your Dry Fly Presentation”

jeff currier fly casting

Hands down Jeff prefers dry fly fishing for trout over any other method. He takes his passion a step further and prefers stubborn trout – fish that are extremely selective to flies and challenge his skills. He likes slow moving waters like the famous Harriman’s Ranch on the Henry’s Fork, spring creeks and places where strange micro currents make the average angler pull their hair out. But he likes these places because he succeeds.

Take notes from Jeff as he slows down the pace on how to pursue big, smart, wary and intelligent trout. Learn how to stalk them, how to choose your fly and get tips on how you approach such fish.

In the demonstration Jeff will reveal and explain the Reach Cast, Pile Cast, Parachute Cast, S-Cast and more. All of these are casts essential for making that perfect “drag free” drift!