“Fly Fishing the Wilds of Cameroon”


It’s safe to say that no other fly fishing presenter offers a show about fly fishing in Cameroon. Right? That’s because there’s likely been no more than a couple dozen crazy anglers to take on this African country with a fly rod in the first place. And most that have gone, are adventurous South African friends of Jeff.

In 2019 Jeff joined his friends of African Waters on an exploratory trip to the Faro River. The targeted species was Nile Perch – a fish Jeff is very familiar with thanks to previous trips to Egypt. They found Nile’s alright and some huge ones that bent 12-weights deep into the cork. Along with the Nile perch the guys stumbled upon an array of interesting fish species that took flies including three types of tigerfish, Niger barbs and more.

Such exotic trips don’t come without a fair share of unwanted and unexpected adventure either. Flat tires, poachers, hippos and crocodiles were all part of the jaunt. This show has it all. Best of all there’s an incredible conservation theme behind this entire journey.


Enjoy a few photos from Jeff’s Show…

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