“Streamer Tricks for more & Larger Trout”


When Jeff arrived on the scene in Jackson Hole, Wyoming back in 1987 he was a dry fly fishing purist. He nymphed and tossed streamers on occasion but he spent most of his time at places like the Henry’s Fork targeting the best hatches. As Jeff made friends and found older mentors he picked up on the fact that they often caught bigger trout with streamers so he began learning the art of streamer fishing for himself.

It didn’t take long for Jeff to become proficient with the streamers and soon he was tweaking techniques. Some of his tricks worked so well that other anglers came to him with their questions – especially after he won the famous Jackson Hole One Fly with a streamer!

Join Jeff as he talks about the equipment he likes from rods to lines to picking the right fly, how to rig multiple flies, stripping speeds and overall methods.


Enjoy a few pics from Jeff’s show…

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