“So, You Want to be a World Traveling Flyfisher”

jeff currier zimbabweIf you want to expand your horizons and travel far with your fly rod there’s a few things you need to know. And with over 30 years of fly fishing travel under his belt to more than 60 countries on six continents, there’s probably no one else better to hear from about fly fishing the world than Jeff Currier. In this presentation Jeff begins pointing out all the ins and outs that go into leaving the USA on a fly fishing trip.

After covering the basics, Jeff moves on to the travel itself. For instance, if you’ve never left the country before then there are places that might be better for you than others. Perhaps an English speaking nation close to the USA such as Canada, the Bahamas or Belize. If you’re an experienced traveler, then conceivably you might want to get a little crazy. Maybe the Amazon? Africa? Are you ready for a do-it-yourself trip? Are you mentally ready for delays?

There’s a ton of homework done before every successful international fly fishing trip. Join Jeff as he shares what he’s learned with amazing photos and stories from his decades of experience.


Enjoy a few pics from Jeff’s show…

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