“Fly Fishing in Iceland”


Ten years ago, Jeff never thought he’d fish in Iceland. He knew it was a top Atlantic Salmon fishery which in turn means high dollar venues that he’d never be able to afford with his fishing bum lifestyle. But Jeff always finds a way. At the 2013 Fly Fishing Show in NJ Jeff met Icelander, Ingo Helgason, now with Strengur Angling. Ingo had a booth and was selling fishing trips to Iceland. When two fishing fanatics collide, no matter where they live, they find a way to fish together. Jeff fished for Atlantic Salmon with Ingo in the summer of 2014.

Ingo and Jeff hit it off. They had incredible salmon fishing and when Jeff returned home he generated many customers for Ingo. So many that Ingo invited him and his wife Granny back again in 2016.

Next, Jeff learned of the gigantic ice age brown trout of Iceland and in 2017 a friend of Ingo, Kristjan Pall Rafnsson of Fish Partner, started selling trips for these brown trout on Lake Thingvallavatn. Before you knew it, in 2019 Jeff was in Iceland for a third time sampling the brown trout of the big lake with Kristjan and sea run browns with Ingo on his new private river.

Iceland is an amazing presentation you don’t want to miss full of spectacular Atlantic salmon, brown trout and Arctic char from one of the most beautiful places on earth!


Enjoy a few photos from Jeff’s Show…

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