“Fly Fishing in and Around Jackson Hole, WY”


While most hardcore Rocky Mountain fly fishers focus their annual adventures throughout Idaho and Montana, the waters in and around Jackson Hole, Wyoming remain less fished.  Jackson is located only ten miles from Grand Teton National Park and 55 miles from the South Entrance of Yellowstone National Park.  This fun filled town is also within an hour of rivers such as the Henry’s Fork, South Fork, Wind and the headwaters of the famous Green River.

Another magnificent highlight of Jackson Hole is its famed and native Snake River Cutthroat.  Snake River cutties are not only one of the most beautiful trout you’ve ever laid eyes on but also one of the strongest fighters of all cutthroat species.  Jeff Currier has made the Jackson Hole area home for more than 30 years.  He too admits that prior to landing in Jackson that he was unaware of the fishing it has to offer.  But it didn’t take him long to figure it out.  Join Jeff as he takes you through the calendar year of fishing in and around Jackson Hole.


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