“Tactics for the World’s Best Flats”

Despite living in Idaho, Jeff has a lifetime of experience in the salt and more than 30 years of adventures on the world’s most renown flats. It all started at age 22 he took his life savings and instead of purchasing a long needed vehicle or paying off his college loans, he went to Belize. He loved stalking the flats of Belize so much that he landed a job hosting fly fishermen to Belize. These days, although Jeff still goes to Belize, he’s more often found exploring exotic saltwater flats destinations worldwide.

“Tricks and Tactics for the World’s Best Flats” is an entertaining journey to many of the planets most extraordinary flats. The show reviews equipment and flies then teaches tactics for approaching a flat, finding fish and the tricks Jeff uses for many specific species. You are guaranteed to marvel over the many destinations shown from Belize and Mexico to the Seychelles and the under fished waters of the Red Sea of Sudan. Jeff even includes a segment about his recent trip to the beach flats of Oman.

Expect to be in awe at the many different fish species from the usual bonefish and permit to the lesser known trevally, snapper and grouper species. There’s no doubt that this is yet another tighten your seat belt and hang on PowerPoint presentation by Jeff!

Enjoy a few pics from Jeff’s show…

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