“Fly Fishing Adventures from Africa – Tigerfish and Exotics”


20 years ago Jeff Currier wouldn’t have guessed that by the year 2020 fly fishing in Africa would be another of his many specialties.  It all started in 2005 when he cashed in 180,000 airline miles for two tickets to Africa.  Jeff and his wife Granny then proceeded to load the backpacks and set off for the Dark Continent for two months without even a hotel reservation!  Why?  It was time to catch the bizarre and toothy tigerfish.  On that journey they navigated their way along by means of decrepit buses, hitchhiking and leaky boats to the remote regions of Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and more.

Jeff has returned to Africa a dozen times since that first adventure.  He’s caught giant tigers in Tanzania, fished Nile perch in Cameroon and Egypt, messed with the tarpon of Gabon and fished many more off the grid locations and caught exotic species few have heard of.  This is no less than an AMAZING presentation!



Enjoy a few pics from Jeff’s show…

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