“Fly Fishing in Sudan”


Ever think about fly fishing in the Red Sea of Sudan? After this presentation you will. In 2014 Jeff received a call from his South African friends, owners of Tourette Fishing. “Jeff, we are doing an extremely off the beaten path exploratory mothership fishing adventure to the Red Sea in Sudan. Would you be interested in joining? I don’t need to tell you Jeff’s answer. Not only would he be part of the exploration in 2014, he’d return in 2015.

Signing on didn’t guarantee Jeff’s trip however. Sudan has its problems from civil war to wide spread famine. Furthermore, the United States has left its mark over the years attempting to kill hiding terrorists. Let’s just say it wasn’t easy for Jeff to get his Sudanese VISA. But he did.

Join Jeff as he starts off the ultimate adventure fishing for queenfish during a long layover in Dubai. Then it’s off to Sudan. You won’t believe the stunning photos of coral reef, flats and shockingly beautiful fish species. From bonefish to coral trout, bohar snappers to bluefin trevally, the Red Sea of Sudan has it all.

Enjoy a few shots from Jeff’s show…

  • fly-fishing-sudan-1 fly-fishing-sudan-1
  • fly-fishing-sudan-2 fly-fishing-sudan-2
  • fly-fishing-sudan-3 fly-fishing-sudan-3
  • fly-fishing-sudan-4 fly-fishing-sudan-4
  • fly-fishing-sudan-5 fly-fishing-sudan-5
  • fly-fishing-sudan-6 fly-fishing-sudan-6
  • fly-fishing-sudan-7 fly-fishing-sudan-7
  • fly-fishing-sudan-8 fly-fishing-sudan-8
  • fly-fishing-sudan-9 fly-fishing-sudan-9
  • fly-fishing-sudan-10 fly-fishing-sudan-10

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