2016 Adventures

World Wind Fly Fishing Tour Begins – South Africa – Lesotho – Seychelles – UAE, Nov 19 – Dec 15, 2016

A World Wind Fishing Tour Starts Now – November 19

Fly Fishing Bum Hits Lottery on Air France – November 20

A Month Long Journey Officially Begins – November 21

Return to Fly Fishing In Lesotho – November 22

Long Hike Pays Dividends Flyfishing in Lesotho – November 23

Storms Doom Yellowfish Rivers – November 24

Fly Fishing in Lesotho comes to an End – November 25 & 26

Arrival in the Seychelles – November 27 & 28

Start of My Hosted Trip to Farquhar – November 29

Return to Farquhar – November 30

Fly Fishing Farquhar in the Seychelles Day 1 – December 1

An Unexpected Run with the Milkfish – December 2

Species Bashing on the Fly – December 3

Unnerving Calmness Continues at Farquhar Atoll – December 4

Magnificent Catches from Farquhar – December 5

A Weather Change for the Last Day at Farquhar – December 6

All Great Journeys come to an End – December 7

Return to Fly Fishing in Dubai – December 8

Storm Kills our Fishing in Dubai – December 9

Flyfishing in Abu Dhabi – December 10 & 11

Weather Cancels Fishing Day in Dubai – December 12

The Last Day of this Month Long Journey – December 13


Flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland – August 16-28, 2016

Riding the Wave to Iceland – August 16

Return to the Salmon Waters of Iceland – August 17

End of the World Fly Fishing – August 18

Chasing Atlantic Salmon on the Hafralonsa – August 19

Arctic Char, Atlantic Salmon & Lamb Chops – August 20

Extreme Flyfishing for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland – August 21

The Hofsa River of Iceland – August 22

One Fish Can Make A Trip – August 23

A Dream of Fishing the Sela Comes True – August 24

Brown Trout & Atlantic Salmon on the Sela River – August 25

Atlantic Salmon Fishing on the Sela River Iceland – August 26

End Big and Go Home – August 27

Memories from Iceland – August 28, 2016


Kendjam Brazil July 28 – August 6, 2016

Flight Layover Leads to Fishing Key Biscayne – July 29

A New Part of the Amazon with Untamed Angling – July 30

Let the Games Begin – Kendjam Brazil – July 31

Long Trip Down the Iriri River – August 1

Fly Fishing for Wolves – August 2

Exceptional Day Fly Fishing Kendjam Brazil – August 3

Fly Fishing for Payara – August 4

Final Day in Kendjam with Untamed Angling – August 5

Remembrances Flyfishing Kendjam Brazil – August 6


World Masters Fly Fishing Championships – Ireland – June 6-18, 2016

flyfishing-adventures-in-irelandReturn to the World Championships of Flyfishing – June 6

Arrival to Galway, Ireland – June 8

Fly Fishing in Ireland – June 9

Flyfishing on Lough Corrib in Ireland – June 10

Wild Brown Trout of Ireland – June 11

Learning the Brown Trout of Lough Corrib – June 12

The World Masters Fly Fishing Championships 2016 – June 13

Official Practice of the World Masters – June 14

Competition Begins in the Flyfishing Championships – June 15

Day of for the Cliffs of Moher – June 16

Last Day Surge in the World Championships of Flyfishing June – 17

Flyfishing in Ireland Comes to an End – June 18


Baja Mexico Roosterfish – May 14-20, 2016

blog-May-20-2016-8-jeff-currier-huge-roosterfishBack to Baja – May 14

The Biggest Fish of My Life – May 15

Roosterfishing in Baja – May 16

The Roosterfish of a Lifetime – May 17

A Morning Species Hunt from the Rocks – May 18

Sammy Vigneri Teaching the Roosters a Lesson – May 19

Last Day Magic Strikes Again – May 20


Fly Fishing in Gabon – March 14-24, 2016

The Things we do for Fishing – March 14blog-March-27-2016-1-threadfin-on-the-fly

Arrival in Libreville Gabon – Marh 15

A Long Road to Fly Fishing in Gabon – March 16

Final Leg to Sette Cama Camp in Gabon – March 17

Giant African Threadfin on the Fly – March 18

Storms Slow Fly Fishing in Gabon – March 19

blog-March-22-2016-15-jeff-currier-fly-fishing-gabonThe Day of the West African Tarpon – March 20

Fly Fishing Gabon for the Lonfin Jack – March 21

Dedicated to a Cubera Snapper on the Fly – March 22

Exploratory Flyfishing Trip to Gabon Ends – March 23

Memories from Fly Fishing Gabon 2016 – March 24





1 Spot Left for Jeff’s Trip to Seychelles – November 30-December 7, 2016

farquhar-seychelles-with-jeff-currierJoin me in the Seychelles to Farquhar Atoll November 30 to December 7, 2016.   Once again I’ll be hosting this incredible saltwater flats fishing trip through Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures.  Of all the saltwater fly fishing trips I have been on, my 2014 visit to Farquhar was hands down the best I have ever experienced!  My group landed over twenty different species from the usual bonefish and trevally to the unusual bumphead parrotfish, napoleon wrasse, saddle back grouper and more.  To see just how spectacular my 2014 trip was check out my day by day accounts from my blog here.


The 7 night / 6 fishing day package will be $8,900.00 per person, and includes the following:


What’s Included

  • All accommodation on Farquhar for seven nights (based on two people sharing a room)
  • Six (6) days of guided fishing (2 anglers per boat/guide)
  • Three meals per day on the island
  • All bottled water, coffee, tea and juice
  • Round-trip flights from Mahe (SEZ) to Farquhar
  • Landing fees on Farquhar
  • All applicable taxes and GSTs
  • Daily laundry and housekeeping services


What’s Not Included

  • International flight to Mahe (SEZ)
  • Gratuities for guides and lodge staff
  • Liquor and wine (BYO!) and beer (available for purchase at the lodge)
  • Meals and accommodation in Mahe or any other en route cities
  • Travel insurance and Global Rescue coverage (mandatory)
  • All fishing equipment, tackle and flies


How To Get There

The primary airport and access hub for the Seychelles is Mahe International Airport (SEZ). It is recommended that guests arrive on to Mahe and overnight the night before the weekly transfer flight to Farquhar. If you do plan on arriving the same day as the transfer to Farquhar, it is recommended that you try to arrive as early as possible in the morning. The return flight from Farquhar to Mahe will leave at mid-day, which means that on arrival, guests can connect to their international flights for the evening trip home, or overnight in Mahe.


Arrival and Departure Details / Times

Guests are expected to arrive in Mahe (SEZ) on the Tuesday before their flight to Farquhar, or early on the Wednesday morning of the day of the charter flight to Farquhar. The group will meet an hour before the scheduled departure time at the domestic terminal (next to the international terminal). The flight from Mahe to Farquhar is one hour and forty-five minutes onboard a private chartered Beechcraft 1900. Guests are then transferred in true island style via tractor and trailer on a short 15-minute ride to the guesthouse.


Space is limited for this magnificent adventure.  I hope you can make it!


For more information, contact me via my email at jeffcurrier65@gmail.com or ring me at 208-534-8362 or contact Tom Melvin at tom@yellowdogflyfishing.com or Jim Klug at jim@yellowdogflyfishing.com.