Arrival in Libreville Gabon

blog-March-15-2016-1-flyfishing-africaIt was gutsy flying home for a mere ten hours after the Michigan Midwest Fly Fishing Show Sunday night instead of heading directly to Gabon.  I nearly didn’t make it back to Idaho because of high winds and snow.  But the fish gods were watching and I landed in Idaho Falls around midnight then made the drive home.  An oncoming Dodge pickup whacked a moose on Pine Creek Pass.  It was after 1 AM.  Thankfully it wasn’t me.  When you travel like I do every night in your own bed is like gold.


blog-March-15-2016-2-flyfishing-gabonI rested a couple hours then sipped a coffee with Granny.  Granny headed for work and I for the West African country.  I was so tired from the exhausting show season that the 30-hour journey from Jackson to Atlanta to Paris to Libreville, Gabon went by in a blink of an eye.  Between sleeping and looking at the flight map to see where we were.


blog-March-15-2016-3-libreville-gabon-ariportI met up with my friend Mike LaSota in Paris.  Then I didn’t see Mike again until we immigrated into Gabon.  Immigration was a circus!  As Americans you must get your VISA in advance but getting the VISA paperwork transferred to your passport upon arrival took more than two hours and cost $100.  We made it though and good news, our luggage was waiting.


blog-March-15-2016-4-jeff-currier-flyfishing-gabonThis Gabon adventure is through my friends of Tourette – Fight it in Africa.  As you know by now, my South African friends run a good show and once Mike and I left the rigors of customs we were met by a Tourette agent named Habiba.  Habiba grabbed a cab and took us to overnight here in Libreville at the Hotel Tropicana.  Mike and I nailed some dinner and I sampled the local brew called, Régab.  We managed to stay up till 10 PM before collapsing to our rooms.


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