Recovery Day in Dubai

blog-April-26-2015-1-jeff-currier-drinking-in-dubaiToday was only the second day I didn’t fish since I arrived in the Middle East on April 3.  Though my friend Nick Bowles, owner and founder of Ocean Active, offered to take Granny and I fishing, we decided it was time for a rest.  And rest we did.


We arrived in Dubai almost two hours late last night.  Instead of landing at midnight we circled in a holding pattern for more than an hour.  We landed and 1:30 AM and cleared customs back into the UAE at 2 AM.  By the time we arrived at Nicks it was 3 AM.  It was a long day from our campsite in Oman.


blog-April-26-2015-2-the-mall-of-the-emiratesWe took the entire day to relax.  Granny read magazines and I checked in on the Cubs (I’m happy here!).  Then I played Fantasy Baseball and did some writing on the blog.  Our only physical activity was when I took Granny to The Mall of the Emirates and showed her the famous indoor ski area (you heard me correct).


blog-April-26-2015-3-dinner-in-dubaiNick and his wife Michelle are cool folks.  I only met Nick last year when I passed through Dubai and now Granny and I are staying at their house.  They treat us so much like family that tonight we in fact enjoyed a family dinner outside.  We could get used to this stuff. . . .  Oh and tomorrow Granny might catch her first queenfish!


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