Key West, Halloween & Fantasy Fest

blog-Nov-1a-2015-1-Key-WestOne of the many perks of being on the Simms Fishing Products pro staff is being one of the first to fish the newest of Simms long array of products.  Tonight pro photographer Brian Grossenbacher and I landed in Key West, Florida.  We are here the courtesy of Simms.  My job is to fish and Brian’s is to get photos of the new Simms gear in action.


blog-Nov-1a-2015-2-fantasy-fest-key-westWe got off the plane then met up with the rest of the crew and instead of a boring night at a hotel room we went to the heart of Key West madness.  Tonight is Halloween and furthermore – the famous Fantasy Fest.  I can’t post most of the pictures I shot tonight!


Fishing starts later today.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

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