Riding the Wave to Iceland

blog-Aug-16-2016-1-icelandic-fly-fishermenThirty years ago I wondered if I’d ever catch a bonefish in Belize, a massive trout in New Zealand or a peacock bass in the Amazon.  I thought with the measly salary at the time my boundaries for fishing would be 250 miles from home.  And honestly, I was happy with that because my 250 mile radius included magnificent waters from Yellowstone to the Henry’s Fork.  But I still drooled over photos from exotic locations.


Let’s just say, dreams do come true and you don’t always have to buy them.  Set your goals, work hard and chances are they will happen.  My luck the last few years has been incredible and I’m going to keep riding the wave as long as I can.


blog-Aug-16-2016-2-jeff-currier-ingo-helguson-icelandI’m only hours from posting the last blog from Kendjam in Brazil and I’m about to sip a red wine, slip on the eye patch and put in the earplugs.  In eight hours I’ll be landing in Iceland to fish with my great friends from Icelandic Fly Fishermen to begin a ten day Atlantic salmon trip!


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