The Holiday Rush is On

by | Dec 11, 2022 | Holiday Gifts for Anglers | 2 comments

fly-box-artI expected to hit the ground running upon return home to Hayward, WI from Mexico and that’s exactly what happened.  I edited all the photos from the trip and added some to my PowerPoint Presentations for the Fly Fishing Shows then filed the trip away.  When I started seriously checking in on heaps of emails and texts I found a few art orders.  Most were for sharpie art on Cliff Fly Boxes and I quickly got underway.  This was a custom job for an upcoming Amazon trip.  If you need a box for someone for Christmas, there’s still time.  Contact me ASAP!


fish-mugsMy Online store has been rocking as well.  I appreciate all the support and orders.  Keep them coming!  Word with UPS and Fed X is that anything shipped by December 19th should make the destination before Christmas.  After that its recommended that you expedite.  All shipping options are found when you place your order on my site online.


Seychelles-artMy December highlight was completing this custom painting for friend Jaron Simon.  Jaron was one of my guests on last Decembers Yellow Dog hosted trip to Cosmoledo Atoll.  Jaron smashed some beautiful GT’s and one evening after fishing we conjured up some cool ideas to preserve the memories.  This 20” x 14” took about a week to complete.  My medium is watercolor with pen and ink over the top for fine detail.


fly-fishing-booksOne more thing.  Just in case you live in northern WI.  On Tuesday from 4 PM onward I’ll be at the Hayward Fly Fishing Company Shop doing my sharpie art on boxes, packs and you name it while folks request my custom work and watch.  These items make amazing Christmas gifts.  I’ll also be autographing my books to lucky Christmas gift receivers as well.  You can order these autographed for Christmas too by Contacting me.


As much as I’m aching to punch some holes through the ice of a local lake and put a walleye on the table, my left shoulder continues to ache as well.  I’ve gone as far as to stop the physical therapy I took on and the shoulder is being nearly completely rested.  I’m crossing my fingers for improvement, but again, we shall see.  For now, its beautiful late afternoon hikes watching the sun set early.  Very early!



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  1. Brian I

    Dude, that Cosmo piece is bad ass! Jaron will love it.

  2. Jeff

    Thank you Brian. That type of layout isn’t my usual but I took my time and I’m super happy the way it came out! Yeah, I think Jaron is going to love it. Next I have a Indo-Pacific permit for him with another creative twist.

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