A Bass Slamming Day for Granny

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blog-June-23-2014-1-flyfishing-for-bassI absolutely wanted to get Granny an epic bass on the fly day like I enjoyed yesterday.  Due to the fact that my canoe was still in Dads truck I decided to take her right back to the lake Don and I ended on yesterday with the smallmouth and largemouth bass.


blog-June-23-2014-2-flyfishing-new-hampshireWe got there at 6 AM.  Conditions were glassy calm and the temperature was already in the 70s.  I paddled and Granny threw poppers on my 5-weight Winston.  She was into fish almost immediately.


blog-June-23-2014-3-granny-furrier-flyfishing-for-largemouth-bassGranny got her amazing day.  I did something I rarely do; I kept track of every fish she caught.  Granny landed eight smallmouth bass and twenty-one largemouth.  Like yesterday, none were big but many were respectable bass like the one she’s holding below.


blog-June-23-2014-4-granny-currier-flyfishing-New-hampshireWe left the lake before 11 AM and spent much of the day relaxing, swimming and getting better on the paddle boards.  We also took a trip into town to enjoy a few brews at our favorite lakeside restaurant, Garwoods.  Afterwards we walked the docks of Back Bay and I spotted a remarkable pumpkinseed sunfish.


blog-June-23-2014-5-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-sunfishThis pumpkinseed was so big that I ran back to camp, grabbed my rod and returned.  Granny remained behind and kept an eye on this monster who evidently called this particular dock his home.  I flicked a Chernobyl ant around the dock hoping to entice him but to no avail.  He came out and looked but he would not rise to it.  Then I put on a nymph and that was the ticket.  This amazing pumpkinseed devoured the fake then posed for few pics with me.  Pumpkinseed sunfish are one of freshwaters prettiest!


Another great day fly fishing in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  Tomorrow is our last day and it will start with the smallies near camp.  Stay tuned. . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

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  1. David McKenzie

    Nice work Jeff. That’s a stunning pumpkin seed, they are few and far between in the far west coast in my neck of woods.


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