A Brookie Blitz and a Heap of Lakers

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Bowman-Island-LodgeWe woke up to an ominous sky over Bowman Island Lodge here in Ontario.  The clouds were dark and stacked like storms were brewing.  But not so.  After breakfast Joe Wolthuis and I made a run and when we stopped the skies were blue again.  The weather changes fast here, including from good to bad so we always remain cautious and near shore when fishing Lake Superior from a small boat.


Joe-WolthuisToday, instead of dabbling with the lake trout as we passed by drop offs while fishing for coaster brook trout, Joe and I specifically targeted lakers several times throughout the day.  We began where I picked up a few yesterday afternoon however we stayed about 100 yards further out.  There’s a small depth finder on our boat and we were 18-24 feet deep – ideal fly rod lake trout depth.


lake-troutJoe and I each had fast sinking lines.  He was fishing his 7-weight with the SA Triple Density S3/S5/S7.  Me, because the laker fishing was so good yesterday, went with my lake trout rig.  I had my 9-weight Air Salt with the SA Sonar Sink 25 Cold 350 grain.  It’s basically a 25’ fast-sinking head that gets flies deep quick.  90% of my flies for lakers are heavy Clouser’s or Jig flies sizes 2-6 in either white, chartreuse or yellow.


Joe-WolthuisNearly first cast Joe got off to a roaring start.  In fact he landed three lakers before I got my fly in the water.  In the first hour our laker fishing was no less than incredible.  Every drift through that 18-24-feet deep mark we caught a laker or two.  All the fish were beautiful in the 20-25 inch size range.


flyfishing-Lake-SuperiorThe laker fishing was easy so after a while we were ready to challenge ourselves back for coasters.  We fished some great spots however strangely, no one was home.  We even did a one hour drift over our best area yesterday, literally picking every inch of the place apart, but we couldn’t find a coaster.


Jeff-CurrierYou know from reading this blog how stubborn I am.  We were in the last 100 yards or so of our drift and Joe suggested a new spot.  I said let’s finish the drift and see if we can find them all hiding in the back corner.  Literally at that minute I spotted a cruiser on the flat.  It was like I was casting to a speeding permit the way this fish zigzagged along at a fast pace.  So fast I thought he was spooked, but I finally got the cast and first strip he ate.  Got him!


Joe-WolthuisThat was it.  Sure enough we found more fish.  The second after I let my fish go, Joe hooked up to the twin.  By now we had some pretty big wind pushing the boat and while Joe was fighting his fish we beached.  We took photos of Joe’s fish from shore.


Joe-WolthuisIt was a comfortable spot and Joe kicked back and busted out his sandwich.  I was hungry also but loved the way the wind started and was smashing waves on the very shoreline we were parked on.  Such conditions raise oxygen levels and get all creatures moving leading to good fishing.  I took one step for my sandwich then instead grabbed my 6-weight with the Clear Camo.  I made one cast and had a fish on.


Currier-brook-troutThe first two we hooked from the boat would not be our only coasters at the end of this drift.  We found the motherload of brookies.  It badly messed up Joes lunch break.  I caught three fish in about five casts.  The action was so fast and furious that Joe had to whoof down his food and leave half a beer sitting in the sun.


coaster-troutSeriously, from shore we caught seven more coasters in less than 30 minutes.  Only ten feet from shore the shallow sand bar turned to weeds then dropped off into deep crystal clear blue water.  The coasters were laying there ready to ambush.  It was an awesome run of action!


Jeff-CurrierOnce the blitz ended I put down my lunch.  We were content with the brook trout results and I drove us to some new lake trout waters.  Enjoying a cold brew as we putted our way back out.


lake-trout-habitatLaker fishing was our aim the rest of the day.  We tried for more brookies but other than the one spot where we caught a bunch, we just couldn’t find them.  Yet every laker spot we stopped at we caught the oversized deep water char.  I’ll bet that by the end of the day Joe had over a dozen and I had at least ten.


Lake-trout-currierIt was another great day up here on the north end of Lake Superior at Bowman Island Lodge.  The fishing is fantastic here.  I can’t believe that as far as a crow flies, I’m only 175 miles from Hayward, WI.  Awesome!


CanadaWe were not late for cocktail hour and dinner tonight.  We got back to the lodge at exactly 7 PM.  I’m happy to say it was a good day for everyone.  Tomorrow we’ll be right back at it.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing


  1. Tad


    Great Day!

  2. Jeff

    Yes! Great trip. Very impressed with this area – and so close to home!

  3. Howie

    way too close to home! When are WE going back?

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