Childhood Experience Could Make and Angler for Life

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I can’t believe we are at the end of July. Summer is ripping by way too fast. July started with unfishable rivers and the highest water in recent memory. With the exception of the Henry’s Fork, we were limited to lake fishing. But after three weeks of extremely hot temps and very little rain we end July with nearly every fishery in the Yellowstone region about to explode with the best fishing in years.

This past week a very exciting fishing experience occurred with my four year old niece Sierra while dangling a night crawler below a yellow and orange bobber off the Goodhue & Hawkins boatyard docks of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire on Lake Winnipesaukee (The very docks I fished heavily 40 years ago). Her bobber went down and with the help of my sister she hooked what is usually a pumpkinseed sunfish, a yellow perch or a rock bass. This particular time the greedy worm eater was a rock bass.

When you’re four and fishing a Barbie outfit, a rock bass puts up a fairly good fight. However this fight got serious. As the rock bass battled he attracted the attention of a nearby sunning largemouth bass. The easy target was too much for bass to handle. After a quick dash he spread his mouth wide and engulfed the rock bass. Sierra who now had two fish on watched the entire exciting event unfold. Without stopping to scream, she continued to reel and with the help of my sister she landed both fish!

Well, that’s a great story to end with for July. The cool news is Sierra will also bring on the first fishing story of August. It just so happens that my sister and her husband Don and Sierra are on their way out and Granny and I will be meeting them at
Blackfoot Reservoir in Idaho to do some carp fishing. Stay tuned and see if Sierra brought along her luck!


  1. Erik Moncada

    Excellant fun! And what a great experience, she will remember this the rest of her life… And if she is a true angler, the fish will grow over time 🙂

  2. David McKenzie

    Awesome first hand example of the food chain. Great story.

  3. Urocyon

    Where’s the Like button? “No child left inside” in action!

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