The 2013 Jackson Hole One Fly Kicks Off

blog-Sept-5-2013-1-Jackson-Hole-One-Fly-2013Jackson Hole One Fly officially began tonight with the annual cocktail party.  I’ve been anxiously waiting for tonight because once again I’ll be fishing on Gary Eckman’s Good Times Team and the cocktail party is where we are given our stretches and guides.  I’m happy to say my stretches are good as are my guides.  Both guides are good friends, Ed Emory and Travis Taylor.


In each boat there are two anglers so I have a member from another team that I fish directly against.  My opponents for each day are also friends.  On Saturday I fish against Eric Dobkin who I met in Bolivia last month (small world) and Sunday I fish against my long time pal, Paul Bruun.  No matter what happens this should be a very fun weekend.


I dabbled on the Snake River today with Gary.  We floated the less than productive South Park to Pritchard stretch south of Jackson.  Normally I draw this difficult stretch in the tourney so I thought it was a good idea to check it out.  We caught a lot of small fish but only one that would have measured as a high scoring fish in the One Fly.  I found out tonight I did not draw this stretch.  My stretches are Saturday the Lower South Fork Canyon and on Sunday I’m Pacific Creek to Deadman’s on the Snake.


Fishing starts Saturday so tomorrow it’s chose a fly and check all those knots.  I’ll hope to update Saturday night but if not expect the full Jackson Hole One Fly story here on Monday afternoon.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing