Sight casting for Huge Pike with Fly

by | Sep 8, 2021 | fly fishing Alaska

Midnight-Sun-pikeThe weather seemed better this morning.  It wasn’t raining or drizzling.  It felt warmer.  But, maybe the body is getting acclimatized.  Whatever it is, Steve and I fished with Scott today and had an absolute blast.


flyfishingBoth skiffs (Sammy and Therese with Wade) made a 20 minute jaunt upstream from our Midnight Sun mothership here on the Yukon River in Alaska to the sheefish pool that proved herself two days ago.  I won’t lie, I was pumped!  Steve also because he hadn’t caught one yet.


Fitzsimons-sheefishThe sheefish weren’t rolling upon arrival like two days ago but somehow you could feel their presence.  Steve took the bow and I went to work from the back of the skiff.  The others pulled their skiff in behind us and we drifted and hurled double Clouser rigs into the off colored water and debris.  It didn’t take long for hook ups.


sheefishWithin minutes Steve and I were doubled up.  Unlike the other day, my sheefish jumped.  Now I see how they get their nickname “Tarpon of the North” because not only did this one jump but he shook his head in a furry and spit my fly.  By now Sammy was hooked up in the other boat and Scott was reaching for the tail of Steve’s.  They both landed their first sheefish.


flyfishing-for-pikeFor about 30 minutes the sheefish action was awesome.  While few were landed, we all got at least one.  For me it was only one despite hooking five.  These rascals have a way with me but at least I got one.  When the action ended we took an hour ride to the pike waters.


huge-pikeThe weather got nicer as the day went on and when we reached today’s pike spot we were not disappointed.  The four of us fished within ear range – one skiff easing down one shoreline and the other on the opposite.  We all caught numerous pike but we need to change Sammy’s name to Mr. Forty-Seven Incher because he got another.  He has one each day.  Luckily Therese tied his record this evening and Steve and I plan to get a biggy before the week is over.


AlaskaThe highlight of the day for Steve, Scott and I was sight fishing to some huge pike up to 44”.  The sun came out and we were navigating through numerous sunken trees.  The pike were hiding in there but you could spot them then watch them stalk and eat your fly.  Its about as fun a fishing for pike as there is and its not often you get the chance.


midnight-sun-flyfishingWe fished until after 9 PM then made the hour drive back to camp.  It was almost dark before we got there but we made it.  The skies are nearly clear and the temperature is icy cold but we all prefer this over the drizzle and rain we’ve been experiencing.


fish-talesIt’s been an amazing trip.  I’m glad we have two more days to go. I should mention that anyone who wants to do this trip can.  You can Contact me or connect directly with my friend Tom Melvin at Yellow Dog.  This is an adventure that every fly fisher needs to do at least once.  I’ll be coming back a few times for sure!


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