Rain, Wind and more Big Brown Trout

by | Apr 24, 2019 | Strentur Angling Club

Jeff-Currier-IcelandIf you want a big brown trout in Iceland you better be tough.  That’s because some of the best fishing is in April when the weather is at its worst.  Our weather this week has been entertaining to say the least.  Yesterday here on the Tungulaekur River we had a ton of wind and rain.  Today was legendary.  The wind blew so hard that it blew me off the bank a couple times!


Tungulaekur-River-IcelandBut, I’m here and I like to catch big fish with my friend Ingo from Strengur Angling so the weather gives us a chuckle.  Then we fish.  We only had the morning to fish because in the afternoon Strengur had a paying group arrive for a few days.  With that in mind we simply wanted to each catch a few then call it.  That’s exactly what we did.


brown-trout-icelandJust like yesterday the sea run brown trout were ready to play.  I’ve always felt that the worse the weather the better the brown trout feed.  These three days with Ingo have proven it.  While the fish seemed to be in slightly different pool locations they were there and they were hungry.


Jeff-Currier-fishing-IcelandAt noon we made our last casts.  It was so wild and windy we had to find cover to change out of our waders.  Despite the storm we certainly had an excellent morning.  In fact, all three days here on the Tungulaekur has been phenomenal.  I can recommend this place highly and I will for sure be back!


flyfishing-IcelandWe had a three hour drive back to Lake Thingvallavatn.  We took our time with a lunch stop and few others for snacks.  With the horrendous weather we couldn’t see the mountains however in Iceland there’s always beauty.  With all the rain the last few days the mosses were thriving.  This picture doesn’t do justice to the moss forest we passed through.  It was extraordinary and I’ve never seen anything like it.


fish-icelandWe rolled into the region of Lake Thingvallavatn around 5 PM.  We checked into a different farmhouse and casually got ready to fish.  There was rain but the wind had finally lessened.


Ingo-Helgason-IcelandIngo and I fished a couple hours on Fishpartners Karastaoir beat.  We didn’t exactly fish as hard as we have the past couple days.  I dragged a couple beers out and for the most part we took turns casting from the prime spots.  With the wind down after three days of raging the browns were likely deep and we ended up getting blanked.


Ingo-HelgasonWe retired to the farmhouse and Ingo whipped up another great meal.  Tonight was spaghetti to match another of his hand chosen Italian red wines.  Ingo will fish the lake with me tomorrow morning then he heads out and Gunnar Orn Petersen of Fishpartner along with the return of Bjarni will be my hosts till I fly home on Saturday.  This has been an amazing trip!


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