Doing No Wrong with the Northern Pike of November

by | Nov 6, 2020 | fly fishing for pike

pike-fishingWe awoke to clouds and cooler temperatures this morning.  No doubt however, we can’t complain.  It was still above freezing and with the excitement of trying to land a few pike on our minds it could have been far worse out and we’d not have felt it.


Currier-pikeWe launched the boat nearly right from camp this morning and ran to an area that reminded me more of Baja than a pike lake.  There were rocky points jetting out in the lake.  After you navigated around them you hit shallow beach.  The pike were right where the two places meet.  I jumped on the boards in the first hour landing two beautiful 30” gators!


flyfishingI fly fish for pike with my Winston 8-weight Air.  If in Canada where the real monsters live I might up my game to a 9-weight but in the lower 48 States I go 8.  Though word on the street was to fish 300 grain sinking lines, I brought my Sonar Titan Clear Tip WF8I.  For me personally, this line is THE line for pike.  If I feel the need to get down deeper than the intermediate brings me I simply add a heavier fly.  Perhaps an oversized Clouser.


pike-fliesI’ll add that my rig is easy to throw all day as well.  Anyhow, whatever I was doing, it was working excellent again.  I’d go on to catch ten beautiful pike today.  The sizes ranged from 28” to 36”.  It was truly amazing.





Meanwhile Josh and Scott struggled again.  I should point out; they are using 300 grain lines and 9 and 10-weight rods.  Nonetheless, it seemed that they should have been catching at least a few but they weren’t.  It was crazy.


Half way through the day Josh asked if he could chuck my rod set up while I was on the oars.  While Josh still didn’t tear the pike up, he finally laid into a good one in the same spot I took one an hour earlier.  This was the first big pike of his life and I had the honor of netting it.  Stoked!


flyfishingAfter Scott rattled of some beautiful photos we went back to work.  We tried a new bay and it was chalk full of little pike.  Though I landed one that was 36”, Scott cranked in several hammer-handles.


Currier-smalliesThe real excitement in this bay was a change of species.  I caught this dark brown colored 2lb smallmouth bass.  Smallies aren’t very active in November but this one couldn’t resist my black and gold pike fly.  Man – it has been the best smallie year of my life if you figure Lake Mille Lacs, NH, the Lower Snake and now this!


walleye-on-flyJust like yesterday, just like every day in November, darkness came early.  We made another attempt at walleye fishing.  Though dark it was a comfortable evening temperature and wind wise but we could not find them.  Tonight we didn’t even touch a crappie.


It was another terrific day however.  Originally we planned to drive home first thing in the morning tomorrow.  But, we’re going to fish at least a few hours.  Scott still needs his 30” plus fish for the week.  Stay tuned!


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