Jackson Hole One Fly Hits the Radar

blog-Aug-22-2014-1-gary-eckman-one-flyWith the Jackson Hole One Fly quickly approaching, friend, captain and founder of the Good Times team that I have the privilege of fishing on, Gary Eckman thought it might be nice if I spent a day or two warming up for the tournament.  He’s right.  Other than July’s float down the Nunya I haven’t trout fished from a boat this year.  Along with us was Mark Kuhn (Milkfish), the man who helps me with my website and store.  We floated the Upper South Fork from the Palisades Dam to Spring Creek Bridge.


blog-Aug-22-2014-2-flyfishing-the-southfork-of-the-snakeAs of today, August 2014 is going down as one of the rainiest on record.  While I was in Iceland Granny says it rained every day.  I believe her because my lawn is green and it’s never green in August.  And today, our float began in an utter downpour.  I was dressed just like in Iceland with my full on Simms G4 Zippered waders and rain jacket.


blog-Aug-22-2014-3-streamer-fishingBeing that I kicked butt in the One Fly last year with a streamer, I’m already 99% sure that’s what I’ll be fishing this year both days.  In the One Fly a floating line is required so today I wasn’t exactly practicing full on because I was using my favorite streamer line, the Scientific Anglers Stillwater WF6I.  Even more off the practice, I was using two flies.  But even so, fishing from a drift boat is different than when wading.  And practicing whether with one fly, two flies or three flies, just tossing them from the boat still primes me to cast accurately to the bank and not interfere with the other angler in the boat.


blog-Aug-22-2014-4-mark-kuhn-flyfishing-the-southforkOur fishing was excellent.  I’ve heard the South Fork has been incredible all year and it’s true.  I didn’t keep track of how many we caught but I can assure you that our One Fly scores would have been through the roof with plenty of cutthroats, browns and rainbows in the 16” to 17” range.  And there were several bigger including this thick bodied brown trout that Milkfish nailed from below one of my favorite overhanging cottonwood trees.


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