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The Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show 2016

It was the usual fun evening in Fresno with the Fresno Fly Fishers last night.  Then after my show I drove all the way up to Pleasanton for the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show that starts today.  This is always a great show so I hope my California friends make it down to say howdy.  Here’s my line up:



11:15 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

12:30 – “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish Near Home”


10:15 – “Fly Casting 101”

3:00 – “Streamer Tricks for More and Larger Trout”


11:15 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

3:00 – “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish Near Home”

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Beware of the Sun

I appreciate the concern for my visit to the dermatologist.  Thanks for the emails.


blog-Feb-24-2016-1-skin-cancerI had the piece cut out of my ear and unfortunately they took another piece from my left arm both for biopsy.  The results will be back in less than ten days and hopefully they won’t be melanoma.  In addition to the piece’s cutoff they did the full body scan and froze a few other areas on my face.  It looks bad but the freezing is just precautionary.  The good news is over all I’m in surprisingly good shape for a guy that spends tons of time in the strongest sun.


In the meantime, its back to business as usual.  Granny and I left Portland yesterday for the California part of my tour.  I give “Fly Fishing for Carp” tomorrow night in Fresno and then speak at the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show over the weekend.


blog-Feb-24-2016-2-jeff-currier-sierra-nevada-breweryTo break up our drive we stopped in Chico, CA and Granny and I hit the Sierra Nevada Brewery.  Sierra Nevada Pale is what I drink and the Brewery visit was on my to do list.  Sierra has so many other good beers.  It was lots of fun!


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Flat Out Exhausted

Over the weekend I traveled from Portland, Oregon to Indianapolis, Indiana and did nine presentations at the Great American Fly Fishing Expo.  The show was great and I enjoyed making many new friends at my talks.  As much as it seems like I was just getting on the plane to go to Indi I’m already back in Portland resting at Mike LaSota’s house and I’m flat out cooked.  I’ve pushed it this winter with my speaking and travels and today I feel it.


Mike and I had high hopes of steelhead fishing.  But Mike took one look at me this morning and pulled the plug.  Mikes known me nearly thirty years and says he’s never seen me so beaten.  Resting is a good move even for the most hardcore life lover like me.  And quite frankly I’m the worst steelhead angler to walk the earth so agreeing to chill out is a wise move.


Furthermore, we’re not fishing today because Mikes wife Biota, who is a Dermatologist, spotted something on my ear.  Without hesitation she insisted it needs an immediate biopsy.  I’ve been doused by more sun than most humans so I’m getting a chunk cut out of my ear in a couple hours with hopes its not skin cancer.  I hate the thought of honing my nine ball skills in dark pool halls at such an early age.  I’ll keep you posted.


Tomorrow its right back on the road.  I’ll spend the next two days driving from Portland to Fresno, California where I’ll speak to Fresno Fly Fishers for the 7th year I a row on Thursday night.  Then I’ll cruise up to the Pleasanton Fly Fishing Show where I’ll speak Friday through Sunday.


After nearly two weeks on the road and one more to go, I’m dreaming of a backcountry ski next week in Idaho and an evening at my local pub with my home town pals!


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

The Vice President Screw Things Up for a Bunch of Americans!

We began our decent into Minneapolis Airport Thursday night on my way to Indianapolis for the Great American Fly Fishing Expo when the Captain came on with bad news.  Airforce Two with Vice President Joe Biden decided they going to take off from MN at that exact time we were landing and the airport closed.  My flight was redirected to La Crosse, Wisconsin where we sat on the tarmac refueling and waiting for almost two hours!


Needless to say, me and thousands of normal folks trying to get to work or home missed our connecting flights in Minneapolis.  Thanks Joe for causing me to get to my hotel in Indianapolis at 1 AM to start my busy weekend of speaking!


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The Great American Fly Fishing Expo of Indianapolis

The last blog was short then I didn’t follow up with the weekend report on Monday.  That’s because I have been fighting the show plague of 2016.  It started the last day during that horrible weather in Florida twelve days ago and dang near killed me traveling to Seattle last week.  I think it’s the flu.  By miracle I made it through the Lynwood WA Fly Fishing Show then traveled down to Portland, OR.  Tuesday night I spoke to the Flyfishers’ Club of Oregon presenting “Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven”.  Then I rested all yesterday at my good friend Mike LaSota’s house on a hillside in Portland.


I’m no million-dollar man today but I’m upright and on the way to my biggest speaking weekend of the tour.  I’ll be at the Great American Fly Fishing Expo in Indianapolis Friday – Sunday.  If you live anywhere close, I highly recommend you make it over for at least a day.  There’s a lot of great speakers and presentations to attend.  I personally will be delivering nine talks over the three days.  Here’s my line up:



2:00 – “Fly Casting 101”

4:00 – “Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven”


12:00 – “Improve Your Fishing Photography”

2:30 – “Fly Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

4:00 – “Four Seasons of the Yellowstone Trout Bum”

5:00 – “Fly Casting 101”


11:00 – “Fly Fishing Through Midlife Heaven”

12:30 – “Fly Casting 101”

2:00 – “Fly Fishing Warmwater – Pike, Bass, Carp and More”

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The Lynnwood, WA Fly Fishing Show

blog-Feb-12-2016-jeff-currier-flyfishing-speakerI made it home from FL then drove all the way to the Seattle area to start six more straight weeks of shows.  This weekend is the Lynnwood, WA Fly Fishing Show and it’s on Saturday and Sunday only.


As always I’ll be giving my PowerPoint presentations and casting demonstrations. Here’s my schedule.  Please stop by and say hi!



10:15 – “Casting in the Wind and the Double Haul”

3:00 – “Streamer Tricks for More and Bigger Trout”  NEW!


9:45 – “Fly Casting 101”

3:00 –  “Fly Fishing for Carp – A 20lb Fish Near Home”

Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

Redfishing Near the Famous Useppa Island Club

blog-Feb-6-2016-1-flyfishing-for-redfishFlorida fishing guide Blake Matherly had confidence in Rick Schreiber and I after seeing us fish through yesterday.  We didn’t show an ounce of disappointment despite the fish-hindering weather.  When you plan a trip way in advance weather can screw you.  You can cry about it or change your frame of mind and have fun with what you have.  Blake learned we like to have fun.


blog-Feb-6-2016-2-flyfishing-for-redfishIt’s a good thing Rick and I have the deal-with-it attitude because todays conditions started worse than yesterday.  Not only did we have wind but we had overcast conditions.  This however didn’t stop Blake from packing his push pole and he took us to his favorite redfish flat.  After a half hour boat ride we arrived just as a few rays of sun popped to help us see and warm up the water.


blog-Feb-6-2016-3-capt-blake-matherlyThe flat was sheltered and wind was light.  The tide was coming in and Blake expected a rush of redfish.  We saw a few swirls and a couple distant tails.  By the time we poled to the area for a cast the fish were gone.  No doubt the water temperature on the flat was colder than normal and the red drum weren’t feeding like we hoped for.


blog-Feb-6-2016-4-redfishing-with-rick-schreiberI manned the bow first for at least an hour.  I made one cast to a fish slightly out of range and hoped he’d find my fly but no such luck.  Eventually I made Rick take over hoping for better results but he too was unlucky.  My 7-weight Winston with its shiny blue Abel didn’t get the chance to put the brakes on a redfish.


blog-Feb-6-2016-5-useppa-island-clubGeorge had lunch plans for us so we headed there promptly at noon.  It turned out that lunch was at a very special place, The Useppa Island Club.  The club opened during the 19th century and its where tarpon fishing in Florida all began.  Many famous people fished here back in the day including Herbert Hoover, the Rockefellers and Zane Grey.  The historical fishing island is a tough place to get into even for a lunch but thanks to George and Blake we had some pull.


blog-Feb-6-2016-6-useppa-island-clubWhile we ate the rain started.  This put our group into eating and drinking mode.  The fishing was so tough no one felt like rushing out there again too soon.  I took the time to walk around the club and enjoy the old photos and tarpon mounts.  The pictures are amazing but boy did they kill a ton of tarpon back in the day!


blog-Feb-6-2016-7-useppa-island-clubEventually it was time to go.  The rain lightened to a drizzle so we were able to walk around the island.  Numerous other sports take place on Useppa Island other than fishing.  There was a most amazing croquet field and an outdoor chess board where the individual pieces were the size of a child.


blog-Feb-6-2016-8-jeff-currier-at-tarpn-lodgeWhen we boarded Blake’s skiff it was a downpour and the wind was gusting to dangerous levels.  We made a beeline for Tarpon Lodge and sacrificed our afternoon session for safety reasons.  Once again the weather didn’t stop Rick and I.  We lit huge cigars and cast off the docks till we couldn’t take it anymore.  The fishing really is tough.  We didn’t touch a single fish and each took a blank for the day.


Tomorrow is not a fishing day.  Its leisurely Sunday and we’ll sleep in then go to a late brunch at what I understand is another very cool restaurant near Pine Island Florida.  Then we hit a billiards hall for the afternoon, toss a few dice and watch the Super bowl over a fine dinner at the Tarpon Lodge.   Despite the tough fishing once again the annual trip with George was an incredibly great time.


Next on my agenda – head home Monday and head to the Lynnwood Washington Fly Fishing Show on Thursday.  Stay tuned for my speaking schedule.


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Fly Fishing at Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island Florida

blog-Feb-5-2016-1-flyfishing-tarpon-lodge-flOne of my absolute best customers back in my fly shop days was George.  Year after year George treated his friends and family to fishing in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  I handled his trips and retail and made sure they had a great time.  His favorite fishing guide was Rick Schreiber and over the years Rick and I became good friends with George and his crew.  Rick has since retired from guiding and I’ve left the shop.  Now George brings us along on his annual fishing adventure.


For nearly ten years we’ve ventured to Wisconsin.  We’ve mostly ice fished but there were few musky fly fishing trips as well.  This year George changed it up and we’re at the historic Tarpon Lodge on Pine Island in Florida for redfish and whatever else fun swims along.


blog-Feb-5-2016-2-flyfishing-florida-rick-schreiberAs you might expect from a guy nicknamed “Monsoon Currier” the weather went to heck upon arrival.  It’s been 80°s and sunny here for a month but as we touched down in Ft. Meyers a front moved in and we had torrential rains all night.  This morning the rain is gone but the storm left us with 55° temperatures and a steady 19 mph wind with gusts to 25 mph.  The weather is so bad for fishing that head guide, Captain Terry Fisher, made a futile attempt to cancel us when he saw the forecast a few days ago.


blog-Feb-5-2016-3-blake-matherly -fishing-guideAfter a hefty breakfast at the lodge our guides picked us up at the dock.  Terry greeted us halfway down the pier and laughed at Ricks and my fly rods.  It was exactly when one of those sweeping gusts nearly stole my Winston hat from my head.  Ricks and my guide is Captain Blake Matherly, and I could see the skepticism when he saw the fly rods too.  In a subtle way Blake did all he could to talk us out of using them.  After some counseling from both sides he handed me a chartreuse and white Clouser and tied on a brown one for Rick.


blog-Feb-5-2016-4-jeff-currier-flyfishing-in-floridaWe pushed off and drove a whopping two minutes from the dock and Blake asked me to cast under an overhanging mangrove.  He claimed it was a snook spot and no doubt it was fishy.  But the real reason a guide has you cast this close to the dock you started at is to see if you can cast.  Luckily I passed his test and we took off into the high seas southward for 45 bouncy minutes.


blog-Feb-5-2016-5-flyfishing-Pine-Island-FLWhen waves are big never leave the dock on a flats boat without wearing your rain gear both tops and bottoms.  Even the best of captains, and I’ve already learned Blake is superb, you’ll take on some splashes.  The three of us dang near needed snorkels for the ride to Blake’s first fishing spot.


blog-Feb-5-2016-7-jeff-currier-flyfishing-mangrove-snapperAs we entered a narrow channel it was obvious why Blake put me through the casting test.  I had to be extremely meticulous with my back cast because not only was I steeple-casting over Blake’s head but also wedging my loops between the overhanging mangroves.  Over the next hour I landed nine handsome bluegill sized mangrove snappers.




blog-Feb-5-2016-8a-cheese-burger-in-paradiseAn hour is all we had before we went to meet the rest of the group for lunch.  I can’t remember the name of the place but it had excellent food and its believed Jimmy Buffet came up with his “Cheese Burger in Paradise” song here.  I crushed six stone crab claws and we all nailed two beers.  The place was completely decorated with 1$ bills.


blog-Feb-5-2016-8-flyfishing-for-gag-grouperThe afternoon session was nothing to write home about.  Rick took the bow for most of it and landed a few mangrove snappers of his own.  The wind continued to howl but the sun may have warmed things up to a heatwave of 60°.  The highlight of the afternoon was this cute little gag grouper Rick enticed to eat his Clouser at the base of an old dock.


blog-Feb-5-2016-9-colossal-crab-clawAs strange as it may sound to a hardcore angler, the highlight of trips with George is eating.  My dream would be to treat my friends to fishing by day and to eat the greatest food imaginable by night.  George lives my dream.  We went to the Lobster Lady in Cape Coral and experienced the best appetizer feast in the history of mankind.  Yes – mankind.  George’s right hand man, Dave Baker (has been on every trip), carefully organized the appetizers two weeks in advance.  Eight of us demolished lobsters, hundreds of shrimp prepared six different ways, colossal crab claws, oysters and the list goes on.  For almost two hours we devoured so many appetizers that no one had room for dinner.  Instead we went directly to desert!


blog-Feb-5-2016-10-lady-lobster-restaurantI’m so full I can hardly breathe let alone type my blog.  I recon I’ll sleep on my back tonight and dream about tailing redfish for tomorrow.  I should mention that while Rick and I struggled with the fly rods, the other six guys fished live shrimp and caught snook, flounder, redfish, black drum, sheepshead, grouper and mangrove snapper.  We’ll continue to be stubborn with the flies again tomorrow even though once again, the weather forecast isn’t on our side.


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Redfish Bound

blog-Feb-4-2016-victor-idahoAs expected Granny and I arrived in Victor after midnight on Tuesday absolutely beat to heck from the long day of travel.  Sure enough there’s a bunch of snow and we couldn’t get in the driveway.  I parked on the street and hauled our luggage in.  I hit the bed around 1 AM and had so much to do today I got up when Granny went to work at 6.


I spent all day doing errands, paying bills, shoveling and then finally packing to redfish for a couple days.  I’m presently enroute on our annual Wisconsin ice fishing trip only this year George has switched it up and we’re going to the Ft Myers, FL area for a long weekend of redfishing.  We’re just about to touch down in Atlanta.  I can’t believe I was here 48 hours ago.


The weather forecast for fishing looks iffy but it will be a nice break from the exhausting show schedule.  Stay tuned. . . . .


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Break Time – Time to Fish

blog-Feb-3-2016-1-jeff-currier-flyfishing-jake-jordanI was wrecked in a good way after this weekend at the Somerset New Jersey Fly Fishing Show.  The show was incredible from Friday morning until Sunday afternoon.  I visited with folks nonstop.  My seminars went great and there was tons of interest in my art.  What wore me down most was drawing on Cliff Fly Boxes, computers and a Yeti Rambler Tumbler.  When I wasn’t speaking I was drawing with sharpies and completed fifteen different pieces!  Don’t get me wrong though, I loved every minute of it.


blog-Feb-3-2016-2-jeff-currier-sharpie-artSomerset is a long way from Wolfeboro, New Hampshire as well and I drove six hours each way.  That’s tiring in its own.  Upon return to my folks house just before midnight Sunday, I slept poorly then tidied up loose ends all day Monday at their house.  That night we celebrated dads 73rd birthday.  He’s not doing well these days so we made it a special one at the Corner House Restaurant in Sandwich.  One of dad’s favorites.


blog-Feb-3-2016-3-Delta-flightI’m presently on a blue lit night flight from Atlanta to Salt Lake City (SLC).  Granny and I left Wolfeboro at 9 this morning and due to the blizzard in the Midwest had to divert from Minneapolis to Atlanta.  Right now it looks like we’ll make it to SLC in time for our flight to Idaho Falls.  Then it’s the drive to Victor and our ETA will be midnight.  And I’m guessing after two weeks away there will be too much snow to pull in the driveway.  Sometimes shows and all the travel involved can be punishing.


blog-Feb-3-2016-4-jeff-currier-cliff-flybox-artLots of work to do tomorrow from shoveling to filling Cliff Box orders to paying bills to etc. . . . . . ..   If it takes me all day and all night however I’ll do it.  Thursday morning its right back to the Delta counter to head for Florida for our annual George Hillenbrand party.  Usually we walleye fish through the ice in Wisconsin but George has moved the awesome event to Florida for redfish.  Before I left for the east coast 15 days ago I packed my Winston’s, SA Redfish Tapers, Abel and Ross Reels, Costas and Simms Flats booties.  Stay tuned. . . . . .


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