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by | May 31, 2018 | mirror carp

I’d like to thank everyone for reading the St. Brandon’s blogs along with adding all the nice comments and the congratulatory emails that came.  To travel that far and catch “the fish” was the ultimate satisfaction for me.  The rough boat ride back to Mauritius and the two days of flight travel home didn’t faze me a bit.  I sipped red wine and smiled the entire way.


It’s great to be home.  Though our trout fishing is minimal in May due to peak snow runoff it’s green and beautiful.  I even have some new friends sharing my porch with me.  I’ve had a few days’ time to get caught up but now it’s off to the Johnny Boyd Carp Classic on Blackfoot Reservoir.


Johnny Boyd was a good friend of mine and many others.  Johnny passed away last October at 53 of a heart attack on a pheasant hunting trip.  To be 52 myself this one hit me especially hard.


The Carp Classic has always been a way to raise money for a fishing guide or industry person in need.  Johnny was our best man at helping raise these funds.  Now sadly it’s for him.  This year the money raised will go towards his daughter’s college education.


Scott Sanchez wrote the following:

“On October 8, 2017 Johnny Boyd passed away after spending the traditional opening day of Montana Pheasant season with his brother Larry and his cherished Griffon, Missy.  I lost one of my best friends that day and many others lost the person who could always bring a smile to their face.  I can still see the smirk on his face from one of his one liners. The world also lost one of its’ best fly tyers.


How do we say thank you to someone who has done so much for us?  He left a legacy of giving to others.  Johnny Boyd enriched our lives through his friendship and his ability to put a smile on your face.  Wherever he met people, he sent a subtle glow of happiness to others.  He also looked out for others who needed help even if they were only acquaintances.   Whether that was encouragement, mentoring, advice or taking care of a gear need.  He did this in many ways. There was always a box of his impeccable flies sitting near his bench waiting to be donated to fishing or hunting organizations.  He ran a cancer fundraiser at the Livingston gun club. He was one of the organizers of the Blackfoot Carp Tournament which always includes a fundraiser for a local fishing friend who has had a tough year.  His playing card raffle always raised a bunch of money for a good cause. He coached baseball another love of his.  Much of the Montana, Idaho and Wyoming outdoor world owe him big time as does much of the fly fishing community throughout the country.  


The carp tournament is a little like Johnny.  Unpretentious, real and fun. Carp fishing with a fly rod isn’t a snobby cultured activity but it is a lot of fun.  Sure the fishing part is a part of it, but there is as much more enjoyment in the social bullshitting, hanging out with friends, just maybe a few cocktails and time around the campfire soaking in the day and enjoying the company of others.  Communications both verbally and telepathically are part of being together and seeing sunrises and sunsets, looking at the stars and mutually knowing fishing and the places it takes us are more important than everyday hassles.  In reality, a good carp kiss will give you more status than a big fish.


Starting this year the carp tournament is officially the Johnny Boyd Carp Classic.  This is a great chance to remember him , what he has done for all of us  and to remember why the outdoors are so important to us. Also, we want to help out Johnny as he has done for us.  The profit, raffle and auction will go towards his daughter’s, Eliza, college fund. He would have done the same for any of us.  Even if you don’t fish the tournament, you can attend the auction and Johnnie’s impeccable flies can be purchased anytime.  


Come to the tournament, help out and raise a glass of Pendleton whiskey or a Kokanee beer around the campfire to a dear friend: Johnny Boyd.”


“I spent half my money on fishing, whisky and bird hunting. The other half I wasted.” – Johnny Boyd

Stay tuned for the full report when I get home Monday night.

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