Bonus Brook Trout Time at McKenzie River Lodge

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Photo by "Bill" of Ninja Media

Photo by “Bill” of Ninja Media

With the plane not coming till midafternoon to return Granny and me back to society there was time to fish.  For the first time the skies were blue in every direction and there was no wind.  The joke here at McKenzie River Lodge was that today was THE day of summer.  After breakfast Andrew (I made sure he brought this rod) and I headed down to Pools One and Two.  I needed to hold one more monster brook trout.

blog-Aug-8-2015-2-jeff-currier-flyfishing-labradorI was dry fly or die and I put on a Parachute Adams size 14.  My plan was to watch Andrew pick up a few fish and photograph them in the water with my polarized filter, but Andrew was far from ready and I couldn’t contain myself and waded out ahead of him.  On my second cast, fishing close to the bank in a foot of water, a respectable ouananiche salmon sipped my fly.

blog-Aug-8-2015-3-ouananiche-salmon-labradorI’ve lost all but one of the good size landlocked salmon this week but those lost fish were on the swing with a streamer.  If there’s one thing I’m good at its dry fly fishing and I knew I hooked this guy solid in the snout.  As every ouananiche salmon has, this one went ballistic spraying water like fireworks on every jump.  He stayed busy enough that he tired quickly.

blog-Aug-8-2015-4-jeff-currier-fishing-landlocked-salmonFor a dry fly, this is one heck of a salmon.  Had Granny come down with Andrew and I she’d have been proud.  The truth is that the salmon, including big ones, take the dry flies well.

blog-Aug-8-2015-5-brooktrout-fishing-in-labradorAfter the salmon I caught four more hefty Labrador brook trout.  I only needed one but they were too cooperative.  At noon sharp Andrew and I reeled it in and my fishing in Labrador came to an end.


Photo by “Bill” of Ninja Media

This was an INCREDIBLE trip.  Yes, I knew there were big brook trout in Labrador.  But I never understood how magnificent they really are.  Until you hold one and see their size, amazing colors and look one eye to eye, you have no idea.

Photo by "Bill" of Ninja Media

Photo by “Bill” of Ninja Media

Once again, a very special thanks to Paul Ostiguy and McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge for giving Granny and I this unbelievable opportunity to fly fish in Labrador.  If you’re ready to go be sure to contact Paul at the McKenzie River Lodge website or feel free to Contact me to hear more about the trip.

blog-Aug-8-2015-8-fishing-labradorHere are a few more photos from fly fishing in Labrador!  Enjoy!

blog-Aug-8-2015-9-bushplanes-in-labradorWhat?  No spins in the Beaver!

blog-Aug-8-2015-10-landlocked-salmonOuananiche also known as the landlocked salmon.

blog-Aug-8-2015-11- Mckenzie-river-labrador

Photo by “Bill” of Ninja Media

Fly fishing the McKenzie River on Pool One.


Photo by “Bill” of Ninja Media

Granny with yet another hawg brook trout!

blog-Aug-8-2015-13-terminator-brook-troutOne last peek at the “Terminator”.

blog-Aug-8-2015-14-jeff-and-granny-currierGranny is the “Ouananiche Queen”.

blog-Aug-8-2015-15-fishing-labradorSo long from incredible Labrador and McKenzie River Lodge!

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  1. Dennis

    Jeff, thanks for a great day by day description like your trip to northern Saskatchewan, this was a gem.


  2. Howie

    I have been hooked like a Labrador Brook trout! Sweet segment and I just had a peek at the lodge website. Congrats to you and Granny and best regards. Awesome!

  3. Cliff Benson

    Mr. Currier,

    It was a pleasure to meet you in the Jackson Hole airport last month. Looks like you had a pretty incredible trip for brookies. I would love to send you some flies sometime. Let me know if you want to test any out for your next saltwater trip and I will hook you up.

    Glad you had a good trip.

    Cliff benson

  4. Jeff

    Cliff – it was great meeting you as well and yes, man we had nice fishing in Labrador! You may have gathered from my blogs I don’t have much time to tie flies so expect me to take you up on your offer one of these days. Thanks very much!


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