Arrival in Guyana

blog-Oct-31-2014-1-cara-hotel-guyanaIf not for the stopover in Trinidad where Tim Brune and I were required to stay on the plane, the Caribbean Airlines flight from Miami to Georgetown, Guyana wouldn’t have seemed so long.  Instead, the four hour thirty minute flight extended to six and a half hours.  And we unexpectedly were required to sit on the plane during the two hour layover.


But that’s travel and generally the end result is worth it.  Tim and I have just checked into the Cara Hotel.  Despite being tired and its late, we’re about to grab a beer and have a look around.  Ah the curiosities of being in a new country!


blog-Oct-31-2014-2-flyfishing-guyanaWe wont venture too long however because we head for the jungle at 6 AM.  This will be a small plane flight that has us at camp around 9 AM.  We’ll get set up and after orientation and lunch; Tim and I will get an afternoon of fishing


This will likely be the last entry until we get out of the jungle on November 9.  Once out, expect the day by day accounts!


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