Three Months on the Road Comes to an End

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Owyhee-ReservoirGranny and I pointed the Ruby Van east on April 1st for a slow and easy drive home from the west coast.  There was no more fishing involved.  We had visions of tackling the Owyhee River in eastern Oregon, but when we got there, it was insanely crowded.  I’ve never seen so many people fly fishing the same pools.  It wasn’t for us.  We drove up past the Owyhee Dam and found a beautiful camp on the stunning desert lake that suited us fine with no fishing at all.


Granny-CurrierWe took our time driving out the next morning.  We crossed into Idaho and followed the lower reaches of the Snake River upstream to Glenns Ferry, ID.  There’s a spot on the river here we found during Covid when the world was in lockdown.  We love this location because of the beauty, birds and the passing trains make us feel as though we are back in time.


Sanchez-CurrierThe next day we headed for our old hometown of Victor, ID.  We spent much of the week doing some final closing errands and visited friends.  There was a lot of partying down at the pubs of Victor.  We even had one night over in Jackson Hole.  One of the highlights was catching up with my longtime friend Scott Sanchez.  Don’t be mad if any of you friends of ours were missed.  This visit was a blur!




On the way out of Jackson Hole on Sunday we made our usual stop under the Tetons.  While Granny made breakfast in the van, I took some pictures.  All the mountain tops were socked in amongst the clouds making for a cool photo.


Currier-VigneriI had a few Winston’s still stashed in Casper, WY at my good friend Sammy Vigneri’s house.  This is “Baja” Sammy.  We spent an afternoon and eve here.  In the afternoon we caught up with friend Matt Cassel who owns Cliff Outdoors.  Then in the evening Sammy and his wife treated us to their favorite restaurant, The Silver Fox Steakhouse.  It’s always great to catch up with the Vigneri’s.  Our next time together will likely be in Baja in November.


Hayward-WisconsinEarly Sunday morning we headed for Wisconsin.  I drove about 750 miles and we camped in a farm lot in Minnesota.  We were so excited to get home we were on the road again Monday morning at 4:30 AM.  We arrived at 10 AM to a snowy front yard.  I spent the day chiseling the driveway clear enough to get the van in.  Its good to be home!


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  1. Howie

    Welcome back! I never thought I would say this to “monsoon Currier” but thanks for bringing the awesome spring weather! I hope I do not regret that comment.

  2. Jeff

    Where did that awesome weather go!

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