Waiting for Peacock Bass Fishing in Manaus

by | Sep 11, 2019 | Untamed Angling

Manaus-fish-marketIn my past there has been nothing harder than arriving at a destination early then having to wait a day or two for a charter flight to the actual fishing part.  Today could have been one of those days but unlike in the past, this time I was actually happy to have the bonus time.  I’m in Manaus, Brazil and tomorrow I leave for Untamed Angling’s incredible peacock bass river, the Marié.


I used the day for some much needed rest and I went to the fish market on the banks of the Amazon River.  This is my sixth trip fishing for peacocks in the Amazon and I’ve been to this fish market many times.  This market might top any that I’ve been to on the planet.


fish-market-amazon-riverThe Amazon drainage has more than 1700 species of freshwater fish – that’s more species than the Atlantic Ocean.  Keep in mind many of these are tiny tropical kinds that you see in aquariums, but hands down, there are plenty of big boys too.  At the market you will spot more than 30 different types.


As much as I love the fish market because of my fish species curiosity, it also bums me out.  I saw thousands of dead fish today and I know this has occurred every single day since I was here last.  Eventually. . . . . . never mind.  I don’t want to think about it.


Jeff-Currier-BrazilAfter the market I cruised Manaus for an hour.  There are others on this trip and I am rooming with one at the Quality Hotel.  His name is Greg.  Greg and I looked around then snagged a beer and a nice lunch at a restaurant called the Choupana.


Its been a great day but now I have my rest and my fill of Manaus.  I’m ready for fishing.  Tomorrow morning we need to be in the lobby at 4 AM and we’ll shuttle to the airport and catch a charter to the Marié.  The flight is about four hours then we board a luxury house boat and head up the river.  Our fishing will start on Friday.


This week’s adventure could go silent only because of lack of internet.  I will definitely catch up with my day by day accounts upon my return.  If this is a trip you want to do (and you are crazy if you don’t!) you can Contact me, Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures or Untamed Angling.

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