The Africa I First Met

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jeff-and-granny-currier-africaWhile Africa and tigerfish and yellowfish only hit the map for most Americans in recent years, in 2005 Granny and I went on full on pursuit of Africa.  We did it with backpacker funds trading in all my SkyMiles for two free plane tickets.  Then we camped and stayed in hostiles and traveled by bus and hitchhiking.  Over the course of three months we went from Namibia to Malawi and caught a heap of amazing fish.


flyfishing-africaWe also experienced an astonishing number of flat tires.  We saw so much torn rubber it was incredible.  At the end of the trip I figured that all the bald tires you see carp fishing on urban waters in the US made it on the cars and buses of Africa.  Tonight, we got a flat that reminded me of the Africa I first met.


At 5 PM I arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa as a member of Team USA Masters Fly Fishing Team to compete in this year’s World Masters to be held February 11-16 in Dullstroom.  Despite African tigerfish and yellowfish, this is a trout tournament.  I met up with four other team members and our South African, guide/host and good friend of mine, Daniel Factor.


flyfishing-south-africaWe’re here early to acclimatize and practice.  After collecting our bags we hit the African highway at 6 PM and headed on the four hour drive to the Nooitgedacht Trout Lodge (where I was in November).  I rode with Dan while the rest of the team followed in our Euro Car rental van.  There was a gorgeous sunset.


An hour into the drive the back rear tire exploded off the van.  Rubber flew and the van weaved but we pulled off the road avoiding disaster.  Lucky!


fishing-in-africaThe highway-roadside was far from “safe” as vehicles, including speeding semis, ripped past only a few feet away.  It was dark and there was one hell of a storm brewing.  Naturally, being we’re a bunch of anglers and this was a rental, no one knew where the jack was.  We wasted an hour before finally resorting to the manual then finding the tools.


hitchhiking-in-AfricaWe struggled in every way including removing the bad tire from the vehicle.  It was stuck.  In the US you can call for help or someone pulls over and helps.  Neither is easy to get in Africa.  We couldn’t even get Euro Car on the phone.  At last a nice car man stopped and helped.  He knew some tricks and we got back on the road.  Three hours wasted!


Instead of arriving at the Lodge at 9:30 as expected we made it there at midnight.  This fantastic lodge had our supper wrapped and ready for us regardless.  We were so happy to have survived our bad situation we even drank a couple beers.  Nearly two days of grueling travel finally comes to an end and tomorrow we’ll all be on the trout waters!


Sorry for the lagging in my blog but we have had internet problems to say the least!

Be sure to keep track of my upcoming travels around the world!

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  1. Jack L. Meredith

    Jeff, Suzanne and I follow you on all your blogs in a soft chair with the fireplace glowing and enjoy every word you share with us.
    Growing old “sucks” and we miss all the great years in Wyoming close to you and Granny and out trips to Brazil and Costa Rica for peacocks and sail fish.
    Good luck in the competition, you are the “best” in our mind, always!

  2. Janet

    I hrear you are fishing superbly in South Africa ! Well done L

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