All Great Trips Come to an End

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November 8-9, 2010
It’s hard to believe it’s over. According to the KLM map on the seat in front of me we are over the heart of Sudan and will be landing in Amsterdam in about 5 hours. Yup, it truly is over but this adventure will definitely go down as one of my favorites. And there’s no doubt I’ll return again.

I give a special thanks to Jim Klug and Chris Patterson of Confluence films for bringing me along on this epic trip. There was a tremendous amount of planning that went into this expedition and we are all thrilled that it went so well. This movie, which has not yet been named, will be released around November 1, 2011. The segment we just filmed is just one of several incredible shoots from around the world. The movie will launch on the big screen in Bozeman, Montana and will tour nationwide at many favorite fly fishing destinations and fly fishing shows. It will also be purchasable as a DVD.

We could not have made this incredible segment without Keith Clover, Rob Scott and Leonard Flemming of Tourette Fishing – Fight it in Africa. These guys have the exclusive on what may be the best fly fishing in Africa. They were the most incredible hosts we could have asked for!

I can’t forget Jim Klug’s Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. They organized our entire itinerary from start to finish and all was smooth. Smooth is a rare thing with such exotic travel. I can’t recommend them enough for any fly fishing travel you can think up. Also a special thanks to Simms who not only sponsors the Confluence Film projects but provided us much of the gear. Not only did I have the perfect attire for the heat of Africa but everything from my wading shoes to dry packs to tackle bag, it all kept me organized and prepared for Tanzanian tigerfishing.

This is a MUST trip for every adventure fly fisher. Don’t put this one on the back burner. I’ve fished a bunch of places and this one ranks at the top as do tigerfish. Feel free to contact me to help you plan your own trip for the biggest tigerfish of your life!

If you’re free Wednesday night I will be talking tigerfish live on Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio at 7 PM MT. It should be a fun and entertaining show. If you miss it, you can catch it at a later time. Ask About Fly Fishing Internet Radio archives all interviews.

That’s about it. I guess it’s about time for me to get my presentations ready for the Fly Fishing Shows, catch up on my artwork and oh yea; it’s my favorite time to fish the South Fork! Stay tuned for some much tamer reports in weeks to come. . . .

Last but not least, here’s a few more photos from the trip – enjoy!

Special Note – Because I was busy fishing for the Confluence Film project I didn’t have time to take many of my own pictures. A special thanks to Jim Klug, Jim Harris and Chris Patterson for providing most of what you see on the blog for this Africa trip.


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