Happy Fathers Day

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Happy Fathers Day everyone! I should have posted this last week because these Cliff Fly Boxes with my art on them make great gifts. For years I have drawn fish on them with sharpies and charged $25. Well, that price is now $35 due to recent demand. More importantly, I have recently done some scenes on these boxes. They seem to be coming out well and are becoming a real hit. The price for scenes is $75.

The scene pictured here is for Tim Schilling of Colorado. Tim had a great day of largemouth bass fishing with muddler minnows. He was just about to finish up when the pond began to explode. Cicadas that were literally deafening all day were falling to the water. It wasn’t the bass that were eating them but rather huge bluegills. Tim wrote me an awesome note describing the feeding bluegill. And to help him remember the unique fishing experience, this is the box I did for him.

I never made it to the Henry’s Fork yesterday as planned. It was time to catch up on things. My decision was not that hard because I’ll be heading over Monday night and on Tuesday is my annual Henry’s Fork Marathon. I will be walking most of the Harriman Ranch, basically from the Last Chance parking lot to Osborne Bridge and back. It’s the longest day of the year and I plan to leave the lot at 7 AM and don’t expect to be back until 10 PM. Any fellow maniacs in the area are welcome to join. To give you an idea what spending the longest day of the year on the HF Ranch can be like, read my story about the 2010 Marathon. This year I need to catch a monster!


  1. Anonymous

    It was a honor to have you do the blue gill flybox project for me. I asked you to sketch a picture for me, highlighting a rare and unusual moment I had on the water. It was of Blue gill feeding on a 13 year circadias. “You nailed It.” Your sketch appears to be as unique as the moment I had on the water. Thanks again.
    Tim Schilling

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