My Species List Must be Accurate

by | Apr 8, 2022 | fish species list | 2 comments

flyfishingIf there’s one thing I’m proud of as for my fly fishing accomplishments it’s my species list.  I’m approaching the 430 fish mark.  This year I’ve already added three, but, I thought I had four.  Back on January 9th I caught a bass in TX that I thought was a Guadalupe Bass.  I asked for confirmation from my readers and I had several folks assure me I was correct.  However, there was one Texas angler who thought differently.  Just to be sure, he got a biologist friend of his to have a look as well and he could not confirm that it was a Guadalupe and in fact was pretty sure it wasn’t.  Needless to say I didn’t add the species to the list.


saltwater-flyfishingI’ve also made an adjustment on the mullet species I caught in Dubai back on December 13th.  Friend Nick Bowles and I literally spent an evening looking at photos of the regional mullet and did tons of reading.  Our final decision was that it was the bull-nosed mullet.  Around the same time, I sent my photos to my South African friend, Ed Truter.  Ed is perhaps the most knowledgeable fish friend I have.  He spent days on the identification and he’s pretty sure it’s the bluespot mullet.  I trust Ed and made the adjustment on my list.


Its important to me to keep my list 100% accurate.  While I doubt I’ll ever catch a bull-nosed mullet, I’m certain I’ll get back to TX and catch my Guadalupe.  In fact, I’m going to make it a goal of mine for 2023.


Granny and I are relaxing at Mom’s in NH.  We drove from WI to here last weekend.  I’ve been catching up on all kinds of things but also preparing for a return to the Seychelles.  I’ll have more on this but it’s the re-do trip from my disastrous cyclone trip back in December of 2019.


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  1. Kai

    Glad to see you’re making adjustments,
    I think that your Atlantic Lizardfish is an Inshore Lizardfish. There are tons of photos online of people holding Inshore Lizardfish, and I’ve caught them myself. Atlantic Lizardfish, however, apparently live 150+ feet underwater and don’t come into range for the fly angler.


  2. Jeff

    Thank you Kai! I wasn’t expecting to spend coffee time studying lizardfish but I believe you are correct and I’m about to fix this. Hopefully that’s the only one you have for me.

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