Fly Fishing in Iceland 2014 comes to and End

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blog-Aug-13-2014-1-jeff-currier-atlantic-salmon-fishing-in-icelandI’d like to offer a very special thanks to Ingo Helgason and Icelandic Fly Fishermen for showing me the time of my life in Iceland the last two weeks.  Even with difficult weather and river conditions the fishing was off the charts.  I landed ten Atlantic salmon including several large ones and the 20lber that will always be one of the top fish of my life.


blog-Aug-13-2014-2-atlantic-flies-salmon-fliesI must also take notice of the excellent flies Ingo provided me.  Atlantic salmon flies aren’t patterns you typically find in your local fly shop here in the US.  Sure there are some exceptions.  Most of the flies Ingo provided were tied by Pétur Steingrimsson, our good friend  Siggi “Haugur”, also of Icelandic Fly Fishermen and Atlantic Flies, CoVisit their website and it directs you to fly shops around the world that sell them.


blog-Aug-13-2014-3-fly-fishing-with-icelandic-fly-fishermenIf Iceland has been on your dream list all I can say is get on it.  Icelandic Fly Fishermen can book you to the great places I went and more.  Be sure and visit their website and especially the Dream Streams page.  Feel free to contact me when planning a trip of your own and I’ll answer any questions you might have.  Then I’ll turn you over to Ingo for the trip of your life.


Here are some final photos to finish up Iceland 2014!

blog-Aug-13-2014-4-atlantic-salmonFly fishing for Atlantic salmon in Iceland

blog-Aug-13-2014-5-jeff-currier-atlantic-salmon-artAtlantic salmon artwork by the one and only

blog-Aug-13-2014-6-icelandic-fly-fishermenFlekkudalsá, in the west of Iceland

blog-Aug-13-2014-7-atlantic-salmon-in-icelandDazzling salmon colors from the Laxá Ađaldal

blog-Aug-13-2014-8-the-nes-lodge-in-icelandComfortable accommodations at the Nes Lodge on the Laxá Ađaldal

blog-Aug-13-2014-9-nes-beatsPeople in Iceland – 321,000 – Sheep 3,000,000

blog-Aug-13-2014-10-ingo-helgason-atlantic-salmon-fishingIngo Helgason of Icelandic Fly Fishermen – amazing Atlantic salmon!

blog-Aug-13-2014-11-jeff-currier-flyfishing-for-atlantic-salmon-in-icelandHooked up on the Flekkudalsá

blog-Aug-13-2014-12-iclandic-beerEinstok Beer providing delicious Ales!

blog-Aug-13-2014-13-atlantic-salmon-releaseIngo saying so long to 2014 Atlantic salmon season

blog-Aug-13-2014-14-jeff-currier-icelandThe luckiest angler on the planet – Iceland – my 51st country – did this really happen?

blog-Aug-13-2014-14-flyfishing-in-icelandOne last thanks to Ingo Helgason of the Icelandic Fly Fishermen and my incredible sponsors – you can’t catch spectacular fish without friends and the best in fly fishing gear – WinstonScientific AnglersRoss ReelsAbel ReelsSimms

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  1. Kevin kodama


    Thank you for all the great posts from your trip. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the rivers and those great fish. And again it was nice to hear that you were treated so well by your hosts and the people you met in Iceland.

    Now we all know what Ted Williams said about Atlantic salmon: what do you think?

  2. Jeff

    Glad you enjoyed the posts from the trip. It was an amazing one and fun to write about as well. I’d say Ted Williams, Lee Wulff, Art Lee and the rest got to enjoy one of the greatest game fish on the planet – lucky guys!

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