The World Fly Fishing Masters Championships

by | Apr 23, 2018 | world fly fishing championships

To say the last 30 hours have been a blur is an understatement.  Hour one was leaving from Omaha, Nebraska and now I’m here in Asturias Spain with Team USA Masters to compete in the World Fly Fishing Masters Championships.  I arrived here around 3:30 PM (Spain time) and changed directly into my Team USA jacket then went to the opening ceremonies and dinner.  The things we can do in these times.


I’ll explain more about the great event over the next few days.  It’s a ton of fun and tonight I reunited with many of my European friends.  Many of them are the finest fly fishers on the planet.  This is my friend Jean Meya of France.  Jean speaks barely a word of English and I hardly a word of French yet as fly fishers we easily connect. And yes, I am extremely jet-lagged in this photo.


I’ll be up at 5:30 for a full day of practice then into the tourney starting Wednesday.  Keep right on a movin. . . .


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