A Good Start to 2021

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currier-flyfishingIt’s hard to believe its January 10th already and I’ve not loaded a single blog, my Instagram or Facebook post yet this year.  It’s also hard to accept that I’m not running all over the country doing shows and giving presentations.  But starting off the New Year in low stress fashion for the first time in more than a decade – it has been kind of nice.


fly-box-artDuring these days Granny has been working over in Jackson while I’ve been doing art, organizing my 2021 schedule and building new presentations.  I’ve done several Zoom PowerPoint presentations for Fly Fishing Clubs and Fly Fishers International (FFI).  While the club gigs are private (you can hire me for your club) my FFI shows are open to the public.  If you haven’t caught one yet you best start Tuesday night.  My season series is down to the final two episodes.  This week it’s “Fly Fishing in South Africa” and my last one on January 26th is called “Fly Fishing Oman for the Fish of a Lifetime”.


flyfishing2021 hasn’t been all work.  While I always keep myself in decent physical shape, I’ve been going all out lately.  I’ve been enjoying snowy hikes, running and even some light weight lifting and body core training.  The incentive isn’t a New Years resolution but rather because my travels are about to resume.  Being strong always helps for success.  I’m headed permit fishing in Belize on the 16th for a week and then to Baja in early February.  Then Granny and I are going to AZ to fly fish for grass carp for ten days late in the month.


flyfishingI’m extremely excited to return to travel to start the new year.  Though for the most part I’m not planning very far in advance, I should let everyone know I have two hosted Yellow Dog trips to the Seychelles.  I have two spots left for Cosmoledo Eco-Lodge December 2-9, 2021 and fours spots left for a custom extended trip to Providence Atoll April 19-29, 2022.  With travel in 2020 basically lost for all, most locations are already booked solid through the next two years.  If you are interested in any of these hard to get spots, Contact me for details.

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  1. Brian I

    Gotta hit the weights to tangle with some GTs! Excited to read about your upcoming travels.

  2. Jeff

    Brian, the grouper you and I will hopefully hoist from the depths in December also require some weights! And some wisdom!

  3. Brian I

    Heck yes!! There may be some chuckles from you the first time I hook one. I’m not sure I know what I’m in for!

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