Granny Out for the Season

by | Aug 16, 2019 | fly fishing fitness | 9 comments

Granny CurrierGranny and I haven’t done a ton of fishing this summer and I’ve mentioned a few times she’s been suffering from a shoulder injury.  Just to refresh everyone, on May 17 while in Baja Granny took a fall hopping a fence on the way back to our campsite.  The fall was from about 6-feet up and she landed on her right shoulder.  It looked awful to me and she was in serious pain but refused to go to a hospital in Mexico and refused to shorten our trip.  Instead she sucked down heaps of Advil and spectated while I fished the last few days.


Despite a ton of pain when we got home she insisted it was bruise and that it would heal.  She was doing anything to avoid the cost of X-Ray and MRI.  After two months the pain continued and she couldn’t move her arm properly to lift weights, ride her bike, cast and etc.  She finally broke down and got checked out on July 25th.


The MRI determined she has a complete tear of her supraspinatus tendon and a labrum tear.  This won’t heal on its own and unfortunately because she waited so long it’s going to be an ordeal to fix.  There’s no rush now so she’s opted to finish out the summer and is scheduled for full on shoulder surgery on September 24th.


Neither of us has ever had a major surgery and we understand shoulder surgery is one of the worst.  After her surgery she cannot move her shoulder for 4-6 weeks and is expected to sleep sitting up in a chair!  It’s going to be horrible for her.  I’m a terrible cook and haven’t spent 4-6 weeks in one place in years.  Sounds like the Cubs better make the playoffs!


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  1. Janethac

    Poor darling Grannie. Please look after yourself !!

  2. Gary Boyer

    Sorry to hear about how bad that shoulder is. We need to install a coded gate at camp for you late nighters

  3. Vernon Scharp

    Hang tough, Granny! Keep the faith!

  4. Bill Sherudan

    Very sorry…prayers for your speedy recovery.

  5. Chuck

    Get a lazy boy. After both shoulders being overhauled, ice climbing , it is the way to sleep for next 6 weeks!!!

  6. Lance

    Shoulder surgery suck but she lives with you so I know she’s tough!! The pain pump is good for the days it lasts then its ice, weak drugs and pain… look into the Polar Products Active Ice® 3.0 Shoulder Cold Therapy System or something similar..or some soft gel ice packs.. it helps! It’s payback time my friend.. time to take care of her for awhile. Hoping it is a very successful surgery and a smooth recovery.

  7. Tad Einloth

    Granny – we hope the procedure goes well.

    Our prayers are with you.

    Tad & Sharon

  8. Brian I

    Sorry to hear that, I wish her the speediest of recoveries when the time comes!

  9. Jeff

    Thanks everyone for your concern and tips on the speedy recovery. It will certainly be an adventure but Granny will be fishing before we know it.

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