We’re Very Lucky to be Headed to Labrador!

blog-July-30-2015-1-paul-ostiguy-mckenzie-river-lodgeIf you wondering how the heck the Currier’s have pulled off yet another incredible trip – it goes like this. . . .


As most of you know I spend three months of winter on the road speaking at the Fly Fishing Shows and fly fishing clubs throughout the USA and Canada (2016 schedule is up).  Along the way I meet many great folks both in and out of the fly fishing industry.  Over the years at the Marlboro MA Fly Fishing Show and the famous Somerset NJ Fly Fishing Show we met Paul Ostiguy, Managing Partner for McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge in Labrador.  We’ve become good friends and the bottom line is Paul is one heck of a cool and generous guy because he’s invited us up to see his lodge.


blog-July-30-2015-2-flyfishing-labradorThe good news is trips like this work for Paul and us.  Sure, Granny and I are going to one of the greatest brook trout lodges on the planet with little expense, but we’ll help generate some traffic Paul’s way.  When we’re at the Shows he’ll have references around the corner from his booth.  Please come by and see Granny and me this winter and we’ll give you the scoop and show you some photos from the trip.  Of course I’ll be documenting the day by day accounts on my blog.  And, I’ll have one nice new segment for my PowerPoint presentation, “Trout Bumming the World” which many of you will see in at some point at a show or your club.


We’re packed and ready and heading for Montreal in the morning where we’ll meet up with Paul before heading to McKenzie River Fly Fishing Lodge on Saturday.


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

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