Only A Day Late for Mother’s Day

by | May 17, 2023 | Fly Fishing

DeltaI caught the early flight from Duluth on Monday morning.  Duluth has a 5:15 AM one.  It’s a bit early by my standards being you need to check in around 4 AM.  But, I’ve figured out a way to make it less painless.  I drive up the night before and park in the airport parking and sleep in my Explorer.  When my alarm goes off at 3:59 AM I just walk over and check in.  Duluth is one of those easy-breezy small airports.


Mothers-DayI landed in Minneapolis at 6:18 AM and was on a flight to Boston at 7:05.  At 11:10 AM I was already on a bus from Logan Airport to Portsmouth New Hampshire.  This ride is 1 hour 20 minutes.  When I got there my sister and Mom were waiting.  Its another hour up to Wolfeboro and we were eating lunch and drinking a beer at Garwood’s Restaurant on Lake Winnipesauke by 2 PM.  I reckon that’s not too bad.  The travel we can do these days is unreal!


I’m back east thanks to one of my top sponsors, Yeti.  Yeti invited me to fish on their team for the Cape Cod Cheeky Schoolie Striped Bass Tournament that takes place this weekend.  Several of my sponsors sponsor this event which makes this extra fun.  These include Yeti, Scientific Anglers, Simms and Costa.  In fact, Friday morning we are scheduled to do some fishing with the Costa crew – maybe some photography and filming.  I’m here to go with the flow.


New-HampshireI couldn’t be so close to NH without making a visit up to see Mom.  Plus it was Mother’s Day on Sunday which is why coming in a few days early made perfect sense.  I’ve been having fun with Mom eating big lunches and dinners and during the day I’ve been hiking and enjoying spring.  Yesterday my niece Sammy and I hiked up around the famous Castle in the Clouds.  My legs feel like jello today but it was a beautiful hike.


Castle-in-the-CloudsI’m chilling out this morning with Mom and my sister.  Literally chilling out.  We have a mere 47° and its windy as all get out.  The sun is out but its not doing its job.  We’ll have an invigorating walk at some point today but no fishing.  Not only is it cold and windy for fishing, but most of the smallmouth bass and various sunfish like bluegill, pumpkinseeds and redbreast are on their spawning nests.  Best not to mess with them over the next couple of weeks.

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow morning I’ll catch the bus back to Logan airport and meet up with my Yeti team partner, Blane Chocolate, and some of the Costa crew.  Then we’ll head for the Cape.  As much as I hated to leave my Wisconsin fishing this will be a great weekend.


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