From Astove to Cosmoledo Atoll

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Currier-YellowdogWe wrapped it up here at Astove Atoll last night and this morning.  We had only 2.5 days fishing here – only because that’s all they had available – but we made the best of it.  There were a couple yellow permit caught and two fine GT’s to go along with big bones and a handful of miscellaneous cool fish.  We said good by to the amazing crew here, took our picture, then waited for the plane to arrive with six more to add to my group for the move on to Cosmoledo.


Astove-AtollThe way you get to Cosmoledo is you fly to Astove and get dropped off.  Then board a boat and ride the 35 miles to get there.  We’ll, the plane bringing my six new guests arrived about an hour late and the boat bringing people back from Cosmoledo to Astove so they can fly home was late because the Indian Ocean reared its ugly head with huge waves from wind and swell.  When you travel to the far corners of the planet you should expect these things.  Just take it in stride and you’ll enjoy yourself just like the slow moving giant tortoises of Astove!


Cosmoledo-AtollWhen the plane arrived it was great to see my new guests, Brian Iannacchione, Ken Anselmi, Jaron Simon, Dave Meyers, Randy Lee and John Claeys.  In this group there’s a couple I didn’t know however it seems like I do because of all our communication the last year.  Though late, we boarded the boat for Cosmoledo at 1:15 PM.


fish-CosmoDue to the huge swells and waves the normally 1hr boat ride took 2hrs.  But we made it and no one got sick.  Jaron, Brian and Dave B. admitted they came very very close.  Once on dry ground they all cleared up quick and after a welcome drink and orientation, everyone headed for their rooms.  The rooms are well laid out containers and I’m rooming with Ken.


Currier-fish-artDue to the tardy arrival there was no time to head out fishing.  The guides did however get all my folks rigged and ready for tomorrow.  Everyone is having a blast and we just finished up yet another amazing dinner.


And, as planned, I continued to push my sharpies for my group members.  Tonight I drew a permit on Jeff Smith’s pack.  Tomorrow Jeff and I are fishing with guide, Matt, for GT’s.  Can’t wait!


This is a Yellow Dog Hosted trip and if you ever want to go feel free to contact me or go directly to Yellow Dog.

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  1. Dan

    You have to draw that tortoise. Thanks for sharing the picture. Merry Christmas!

  2. Jeff

    Ha! Thanks Dan. Happy Holidays to you as well!

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