Storms Doom Yellowfish Rivers

blog-nov-24-2016-1-mohale-dam-fishingThunder shook Lesotho all night.  Heaps of rain fell.  We all heard it and knew for sure all rivers would be chocolate colored mud in the morning.  We slept in then took it easy while Ryan weaved us a plan for fishing the dam (reservoir).


blog-nov-24-2016-2-flyfishing-mohale-dam-lesothoThis dam is scenic area and for that reason there’s a scenic boat ride tour.  Being how remote we are, this tour likely doesn’t get much biz.  Ryan contacted the driver and asked if he would convert himself from tour guide to fishing boat driver for the day.  He was totally cool being booked however we needed to use him.


blog-nov-24-2016-3-lesothoOff we went up the gorgeous narrow arms of the dam.  It’s so much greener here than last year.  Villages dot the high mountain sides.  The locals rarely see a boat so they run from their huts and stand from above to watch.  Often, they yell for a wave.  This lady wanted her baby to check us out.


blog-nov-24-2016-4-flycastaway-guide-craig-richardsonFar up the arm of the dam we came to rising fish.  While most the guys opted to hop on shore, Craig and I stayed on the boat and cast to the rises.  We fished big foam dries and had action right away.  Our boat driver had more fun than we did watching the action.



blog-nov-24-2016-5-sterkfontein-fishingWe caught a lot of smaller sized yellows much like our first day earlier this week.  It was fun.  The setting was unique.  But after about five hours of this we decided to make this a shorter day.  We also had storms in the horizon again and didn’t want to get stranded in the Lesotho boonies.






blog-nov-24-2016-6-flycastaway-fishingWe returned to our cabin earlier than normal.  The rain threatened again but doesn’t seem to be as bad as last night.  We had our usual feast with beers and tonight I drew a snake river cutthroat on Craig’s backpack.  Lots of fun going on down here in the Southern Africa country of Lesotho.  Tomorrow is our last day then I begin my trek to the Seychelles. . . .


Jeff Currier Global Fly Fishing

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